what are you watching?

Because you think you are seeing Hillary & Trump as rivals you are missing the symbolic sacred marriage taking place.


You are missing the fact that you are a wedding guest.

They invited you & you came.

There will be no winner or loser, instead …

“In Tantric Yoga, the male and female participants are conjoined physically and represent Shiva and Shakti, the deities representing the male and female principles. The union may be seen as an enactment of the principle of hieros gamos…The act, when properly practiced, eventually culminates in samadhi, wherein the respective individualities of each of the participants are completely dissolved in the unity of cosmic consciousness.

Beyond the physical act, however, a subtle fusion of Shiva and Shakti energies takes place resulting in a united energy field”

The planned result is unity


one god-head on display
instead of the other.

Once the erection, I mean election has taken place the ritual will have been completed.

This is not an all-out-war of two vying presidential candidates, it is …


Dirty Dancing”.

Thanks to Michael for spotting that the word “Dancing” in all forms of entertainment, actually means …


… sex.

The memes out there are not for a laugh. They are part of the ritual. Satyrs are doing their clown’s job to tell the truth that your mind does not wish to see.

These two are having symbolic sex, that is why the song memes fit so well.

“Hieros Gamos …”sacred wedding” … refers to the coupling of a god and goddess or their earthly representatives … It can also refer to the primordial union of the masculine and feminine principles within the godhead”

A union is taking place, do you really want to be part of that?

“A modern example of hierogamy is seen in the religion of Wicca. In some forms of this tradition, participants engage in what is called the Great Rite … a man and a woman, assuming the identities of God and Goddess, engage in sexual intercourse to celebrate the union of the deities as lovers and the conception of the new God who will be born at Yule

Symbolic intercourse does not have to involve genitals

connection or dealings between persons or groups
exchange especially of thoughts or feelings

This is just a quick post.

Yesterday I got an insight that we are seeing a symbolic sexual union – that these two are not rivals – it’s all an act to disguise the symbolic intercourse taking place for the sake of Unity.

Then today I saw the Youtube clip of Hillary & Trump doing the”Dirty Dancing” rendition & the coincidence was too strong to ignore especially when you see the choreography. The song is the reality & the spitting & spewing is the act.

Do your own work on this if so inclined – I suggest you go looking for symbolic enactments of the following:

“The formal ritual sometimes, but not always, involved actual sexual intercourse. Documented examples normally involved a public procession, an exchange of gifts, the purification of the couple enacted in the ceremony, a wedding feast, the preparation of the marriage chamber, and an act of intercourse, either actual or symbolic. … The union of heaven and earth …”

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