rock around the cock

This article is for a handful of people who have the courage to choose reality over fantasy.

If you are willing to play today I am willing to use every fact & fiction trick in my book to shift your absolute gnosis 2 degrees off course. What you’ll get is a …


… different perspective that might help you remember that you already know this.

Exit signs have been placed along the way because you won’t be able to go back to the same place your started from. Anything of real value requires some kind of effort or exchange. If you do the uncomfortable work of sticking with this article & upcoming podcast, your sex life, relationships & understanding of the opposite sex may drastically improve.

Although there are some similarities to a previous article this is far, far deeper.  And a lot has been ‘charged up’ in the world since then.

Ok let’s go

~  ~  ~

There is an Inner & an Outer Brotherhood in this world.

The inner is made of elites who are the intimate servants of very cunning masters.


They receive great rewards & much has been written of them in the conspiracy world.

Today however we’re interested in the invisible Outer Brotherhood.

Without this Outer Brotherhood, the Inner Brotherhood could not continue to exist.


If you have a cock you are part of the Outer Brotherhood.

The cock powers the entire system we are in.

So craftily has this been woven into the fabric of every area of life, that finding the seams has seemed impossible.

However for those who are ‘hardy’ enough you may see a few frayed edges today.

Edward de Bono has said that we get trapped by the sequence in which events occur. What comes first decides the interpretation of later events.

For instance:

I once left my car to be serviced before going away on holiday after Christmas. On returning the mechanic informed me that a window had been left slightly open & the car had been parked outside. It had rained during this time. Although my car didn’t feel damp there was a musty smell. I was upset by this & kept trying to find ways to get it back to freshness.


About a week later a plastic bag was found tucked into the crease of the back seat. It contained some rotting left-overs from a Christmas dinner.

Because my mind was primed for ‘damp car smell’ I never noticed ‘rotting food smell’. All thoughts & actions were in accordance with remedying the initial statement that my car had suffered water damage.

“Historical events are things that happened in the past. Sequence is the order that things happen in. So historical sequence is the order in which things happened in the past”

I now believe there is no greater prisoner on this planet than the male & that the cruelty …


… that has been perpetrated on him may be far worse than anything done to women. At least we women could sense the dunghill we were standing on.

Apart from some myths, recorded history states that men have always been ‘the Neo’ or the chosen one. The information supplied first goes along these lines:

“We know from Genesis 2 that Adam was made before Eve.  We also know that it was Adam who was told to keep The Garden and cultivate it … Adam named the animals.  Eve did not.  Naming them was his first act of dominion, and it is a sign of authority; and it was God who brought the animals to Adam so that Adam could accomplish what God had commanded.”


Today I suggest that the Outer Brotherhood of men were tricked into believing they had dominion so they would not see how their cocks have been used to:

  1. free the Inner brotherhood to control this world without restraintto and
  2. to battery operate the sequencing system called time


“In… cocks, the power source is typically … a weight suspended from a cord or chain … cocks must be wound periodically, usually by turning a knob or key or by pulling on the free end of the chain, to store energy in the weight or spring to keep the cock running.”



Giving men the idea that they were in command & independent of all (but their creator) – able to make something important of their life – be a hero, a specialist in something, be different to or better than ‘other’ men-


… meant that they never saw the synchronising & harnessing of their cocks (sexual energy) by something more powerful than they.


“Slave cocks …  were wired to a master cock … and periodically received a signal to synchronize … with the master cock … Later versions … were triggered by a pulse from the master cock and certain sequences used to force rapid synchronization…”

I suggest that the system / structure we are in is powered by the cock.

“Pope Gregory I said that the cock (rooster) “was the most suitable emblem of Christianity”, being the emblem of St Peter”

The cock is intimately tied to time.


Yet nothing hidden can hold its secrets from a playful approach.


And you know this is play don’t you … so relax.

“[Researchers] used roosters to measure two different light regimens. During the first experiment, the roosters received at least 12 hours of normal light & 12 hours of dim light conditions for a period of 14 days. They discovered that the roosters would begin to crow at least two hours prior to the onset of light … Interestingly, the roosters in the experiment were given testosterone to put their circadian clocks back on schedule”

Testosterone sets cocks.

“Although the methods they use vary, all oscillating cocks … work similarly … They consist of an object that repeats the same motion over and over again, an oscillator, with a precisely constant time interval between each repetition …


… Attached to the oscillator is a controller device, which sustains the oscillator’s motion by replacing the energy it loses to friction, and converts its oscillations into a series of pulses. The pulses are then… converted into convenient units

Cocks set clocks.

“In the rabbinic literature, the cockcrow is used as general marking of time”

Clocks set time.

“Testosterone surges and ebbs not only over the course of a man’s lifetime, but over the course of a 24-hour day as well.”

Time is used to regulate this structure / system that we are in.


“Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. Time is … used to sequence events”


Remove ‘history’ &
would change.

We are living out the result of a structure-sequence that was set in place too long ago.

“A cock is an instrument to indicate, keep, and co-ordinate time”



But … on Christmas Day,
the cock stops.


Let’s consider that turkeys are a symbolic form of rooster…

“When a tom gets excited, his snood becomes engorged with blood and enlarges, much like a penis”

… & that Christmas Day
is a ritual cock sacrifice/renewal.

It is really important to understand that cocks have been both worshipped & sacrificed for eons.

“Since fire, like the cock a yang symbol and symbol of the sun, was temporarily extinguished and then relit. In a Tao religious aspect, to have a rooster fight another rooster, was the same in substance as a fire-renewal custom

Grasping the significance of the cock in this world is vital.

The generative power the male energy is what this structure is about. Something both feeds on it & uses it.

It is at the heart of Sun worship. All sun worship is worship of the cock.

ALL Sun symbols are cock symbols.

rises then falls
is …


“Pope Nicholas I decreed in the 9th century that all churches must show the symbol of the cock on its dome or steeple, as a symbol of Jesus’ prophecy of Peter’s betrayal”

Ohhh Peter …

“Peter …     masc. proper name, … from Greek Petros, literally “stone, rock,” …  nickname Jesus gave to apostle Simon Bar-Jona (Matthew xvi.17), historically known as St. Peter … Slang for “penis”.”

Rocks can also be looked under:

“rock …  often used at first with sexual overtones (as in 1922 song title “My Man Rocks Me (with One Steady Roll)”).

Rocky aka Peter started life as Simon:

“Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, … I tell you that you are Cephas (Peter) (Petros), and on this rock (petra) I will build my church”

What is a church?

“church (n.) … “church, public place of worship; … “Lord’s (house),” from kyrios “ruler, lord,” from PIE root *keue- “to swell” (“swollen,” hence “strong, powerful“)”

What have we here?

The Cock
is the Lord’s House?

Hmmm … but which Lord?

“One of the angels is a ‘holy rooster’ and resides under the throne of God where he continually praises Him. When he says … “thou Living, O thou abiding,” the roosters on earth hear him and begin to crow. His two wings reach from East to West and towards morning he flaps then, jumps bout as he does and join him in exclaiming, ‘Praise be to God!”.”

You see it all hinges upon who the Lord is here.

“kirk (n.) …     “church”


Planet Earth –
The Kirk of the Cock

Of interest:
is an anagram for
‘Rise US Serpent’


If those who run the world have set it up as a place of Cock worship, it might be wise to check out the ‘saviours’ they supplied.

Exit 4

Let’s respectfully consider that ‘Jesus’ translates as cock.

And that everything about Jesus is the personification of sexual energy.


“spirit (n.) …     mid-13c., “animating or vital principle in man”

Using the clock, we see that 12.00 Noon is the highest point to which the sun & the hands on the clock can reach. This is maximum …


erection point.

Let’s consider that 12.00 / Midday is the height of sexual rising in a man – the summer of his energy – & that 3.00pm is the Autumn/Fall or ideal harvesting time for this energy.


Notice the ending of the prayer as per Matt Delooze’s theory that Amen = AMer RA.

oops that last bit is a spelling error – it should have read Amen Ra – but kind of interesting how close to America. America = Land of Amen RA?

Anyway a quick look at Mercy (Mercury?) from the above prayer, since we’re checking out the Church of the Cock in relation to the milking of the male:

“To be at someone’s mercy” indicates a person being “without defense against someone.”

“In a judicial context mercy is often termed “clemency”…  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit explained that “The very nature of clemency is that it is grounded solely in the will of the dispenser of clemency. He need give no reasons for granting it or for denying it.

I think that cock energy is also being used as a cleansing sacrifice to allows the status quo to remain. Somehow its abuse & misuse removes karma from those who have infested this plane & allows them to continue unchallenged.

Have a look at cock sacrifice. Read it with an open mind. If the rooster or cock can symbolise man, then surely the man can also be a symbol/stand in for something else.

“In the Jewish religious practice of Kapparos, a rooster as a religious vessel is swung around the head and then sacrificed on the afternoon before Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. The purpose of the sacrifice is the expiation of sins of the man as the animal [COCK)] symbolically receives all the man’s sins


… The religious practice [was] a custom of the Babylonian Jews … since the Hebrew word geber (Gever) means both “man” and “rooster” [COCK] the rooster may act or serve as a palpable substitute as a religious vessel in place of the man.”


“Khasi people believe the rooster is sacrificed as a substitute for man, it being thought that the cock when sacrificed “bears the sins of the man”


“in Indonesia… a sacred cockfight is an integral part of the religious ceremony … In several myths the cock has the power to revive the dead or to make a wish come true”


“Kaharingan, an animist folk religion of the Iban branch of the Dayak people … includes the belief …


… that humans become the fighting cocks of god

“Staged as a religious duty, Balinese cockfight is a symbol of ritual spilling blood. … The blood is an offering to the hungry forces of evil”

and finally

“The Hmong of Southeast Guizhou will cover the rooster with a piece of red cloth and then hold it up to worship and sacrifice to the Heaven and the Earth. In Shamanism in the Hmong culture, a shaman may use a rooster in religious ceremony as it is said that the rooster shields the shaman from “evil” spirits by making him invisible”

So where does that leave us?

At the beginning of another way of seeing.

I have asked Michael to do a podcast with me so we can really expand on what has been barely suggested here. Hopefully we will have that soon.

In the meantime, here are a few snippets to consider.

2017 is the Year of the Cock (rooster).


“We know … that it was Adam who was told …


to keep The Garden and cultivate it”

So what if the Garden of Eden was actually a reference to male sexual energy.

What if it was meant to be kept clean & cultivated?

What if it is far more powerful than anyone has been led to believe?

What if it has a job to do?

In Zoroastrianism … “the cock was the most sacred” and within that religion, the devout, “had a cock to guard him and ward off evil spirits”.

What if men are not meant to fight & destroy each other.

What if the cock /male has been tricked/fooled into fighting, killing, destroying for the sake of something else?

What if all fights have been ‘cockfights?’


“If my analysis of the cockfight as a symbolic, public masturbatory, phallic duel is sound, one should be able to understand why participants might be reluctant or unable to articulate consciously this symbolic structure. In effect, the cockfight is like most fantasy folklore: its content is largely unconscious. If the participants consciously realised what they were doing, they would in all probabillity not be willing to participate.”

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