giving your brain a role (podcast)

Why you need to give your brain a job to do.

give me a job

Fascinating insights and more paradoxical tools
combined with plenty of laughs.


Or listen to our podcast below:

September 17, 2017. Uncategorized.


  1. AMComix NZ replied:

    Thank you for having me on your podcast Alex! Always tons of fun and many many insights!


  2. Suze replied:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this show. ;)

    With the fluoride, many people believe the government is looking out for us. I have been told that the government wouldn’t allow anything to be sold to us if it was harmful (this was about microwaves) and that the queen is just like us. In Germany they talk about your father the state.

    I really appreciate that you are combining the so-called conspiracies with the “healing the house of neglect” stuff. Katy Gallanti once said that the people who read her blogs for her spritual information get upset when she writes about conspiracies and vice versa.

    Thanks for the information and insights and for building the bridges to new authors (to me) to help on my path.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Suze
      I don’t think there can be real forward momentum without both, otherwise you just have to keep censoring your mind. Very best wishes on your journey!


  3. Nick Dean replied:

    Thanks for the suggestion of Dr Caroline Leaf and ‘Switch on Your Brain’ – I’m gonna give it a read based on your recommendation.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Nick, she makes a lot of sense and the caring she emits is lovely. Ultimately I think we know all the stuff we need to know but locked ourselves out from it – so as always keep your 2% doubt activated so you rekindle that and leave aside everything that doesn’t work for you.


      • Nick Dean replied:



  4. Minti replied:

    I’ve been giving myself brain damage for a very long time.
    The last couple of weeks felt as if I was going insane or making myself sick with my thoughts, I just didn’t know how to stop it.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Alex & Michael for the tools you gave me.
    It feels like I can finaly breathe again!


    • alex robinson replied:

      Wonderful Minti & I hear you!

      You are not alone in this, none of us were given the manual for dealing with what we are up against here, bombarded constantly inside & out, so we have to do the work now, but it sure is worth it. See my reply to Nick as well. Hugs


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