who would you kill off?


Dallas is an American prime time television soap opera that aired on CBS from April 2, 1978, to May 3, 1991.


Of course that’s hogwash.

Everyone knows that that series began on Nov 22, 1963. It is famous for spawning the …

… “Who shot J.F.K?” hysteria.

“A House Divided” is the … final episode of the third season …[of] Dallas and … is the episode known for spawning the eight-month …


… “Who shot J.R.?” hysteria.

The frictional Dallas of course is Delos.

“The island of Delos … is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece. Delos had a position as a holy sanctuary for a millennium before Olympian Greek mythology made it the …

… birthplace of Apollo and Artemis

Prior to the birth of the sun-light king Apollo, his mama Leto addressed the dry, barren island thusly:

“Delos, if you would be willing to be the abode of my son Phoebus Apollo and make him a rich temple –; for no other will touch you, as you will find: and I think you will never be rich in oxen and sheep, nor bear vintage nor yet produce plants abundantly. But if you have the temple of far-shooting Apollo [the] incessant savour of rich sacrifice will always arise

And Dallas is certainly a place of rich sacrifice.

JFK was a representative of the house of Apollo’s light house. But the light …


… always dies (which is where the far-shooting comes in).

Meanwhile back at the ranch;

“J.R. Ewing … described as “the nastiest man on television, a man so venal, so low, [who] become an absolute de-light …

… to an estimated quarter of a billion viewers around the globe”

Larry Hagman who played JR was born on the Autumn equinox in 1931 – that’s when the light goes dim and night rules. But Hagman was much more than a dark-side twin of JFK.

“hag (n.)  … probably from Old English hægtes, hægtesse “witch, sorceress, enchantress, fury …

One of the magic words for which there is no male form, suggesting its original meaning was close to “diviner, soothsayer,” which were always female in northern European paganism, and hægtesse seem at one time to have meant “woman of prophetic and oracular powers”

So he played the role of male priestess

“To become a shaman, one had to be both man and woman because a person should be the sum total of all human experiences … Usually such transformed shamans would be looked upon with awe, fear or suspicion. They were considered to have very strong and special magical powers.”

“Shaman “a priest or priestess who uses magic for … divining the hidden, and controlling events

Remember the Hag man/woman once commanded the services of a genie – this star was no mere mortal.

“I Dream of Jeannie is an American fantasy sitcom starring Barbara Eden as a 2,000-year-old genie and Larry Hagman as an astronaut who becomes her master.”

Barbara means ‘strange or foreign traveller’. Dream rearranges into madre (mother).

The Hagman/woman died November 23, 2012 – one day after JFK’s sunset & during the most prized year of the century.

Delos was also home to the cult of Dionysus – the god of having a very good time.

dallas falus

“The Stoibadeion contains a rectangular platform containing a statue of Dionysos … Two pillars …support a huge phallus, the symbol of Dionysos …the southern pillar …shows a cockerel whose head and neck are elongated into a phallus, on either side are groups containing Dionysus and a Maenad, with a small Silenus on one side and a figure of Pan on the other”

Apollo & Dionysus are two sides of the same coin or ‘a house divided’ – in their respective roles of civilised order & licentious chaos.

The “Dallas Sun-light Kings” exhibited the traits of both these gods.

They were fabulously powerful heirarchical males …

and far-shooting sexual cavorters.

It is standard practice to think that powerful men must have huge libidos. But is that really so?

If Vadim Zeland theroies are correct that balancing forces coming into play when too much importance is placed upon something, then massive wealth/power combined with endless sexual conquest would surely upset the order of things.

“The universe exists with balance. Nature thrives on balance, and the human is subject …

to these forces of the universe. This means that, for example, when we place too much importance onto something, there is some force coming into play…

… to neutralize this”

“When an event invokes an extremely negative or positive build-up of energy … we can be sure that … “balancing forces” will always be drawn to the occasion”

However in the hands of ‘the gods’, chosen proponents seem to be allowed to play out certain roles for varying time periods. I am inclined to think that JFK was required to be both president and satyr, as was the far-shooting future president, Bill Clinton. I doubt it was an accident that Clinton’s antics became public, rather they were required fertility rites.

What if the reason the very rich and powerful i.e (the royals) are so incredibly two dimensional & boring is to maintain their status quo? Everything is subservient to maintaining their power. Their monotonous voices, unflattering clothes, decades old hairstyles all work to maintain an extremely stable vibration that ensures continued rule without upsetting balancing forces.

When fireworks are necessary, stars are brought on stage to do what stars do best …

… burn bright and burn out.

So unglorious truth-seekers – shhh we don’t want to upset the balancing forces – here ends your conspiracy tidbits for today. There’s no point going further, there never was, because it’s…

… rabbit city all the way.


Instead we come to the real reason for this article.

This post is aimed at you, in a different kind of far-shooting way. This time it’s you who have to do the far-shooting.

I want you to consider a spot of self-hero-making
in the truest sense of the word.

“Hero … specifically a dead man, venerated and propitiated at his tomb or at a designated shrine, because his fame during life or unusual manner of death gave him power to support and protect the living”

First off please understand this whole article is play.

Furthermore it’s only true power lies with you, the reader. You are the fertile one, not me. I just enjoy looking at things from different angles & offering them to anyone who might find them useful.

So back to our heroic article.

I contend that children who come from what I call the House of Neglect (all conspiracy theorists come from here) created a super hero role to combat traumatic experiences that no one taught them how to deal with.

We are returning in this post to the theme of being many selves in one body (see previous articles).

Now instead of creating a ‘major self’ with a number of minor selves which would have helped create a half-decent future, we crafted a ‘super hero’ thought-form to get us through the worst of times.

When we face monsters in childhood, be they physical, emotion, mental and /or spiritual we need a big, bold solution.

Enter the hero.

Heroes face huge struggles & huge powers – Heracles was super strong, Achilles was a super warrior, Odysseus was super cunning. They fight horrific monsters like …

… Minotaurs, Sphinxes & Hydras that were too powerful for lesser mortals.

However god-like they seem, these guys are mortal. And once their task is done they need to complete their role by dissolving into immortality through a young, tragic & often brutal death. A super man requires a super death. Balance returned. However having propitiated the balancing forces their memories are free to rise to immortality.

Now along with their super powers, heroes came with super flaws.

They are all assholes. Balancing forces again methinks.

So we really don’t want asshole heroes hanging round in our lives any longer than necessary. Especially as once they’ve reached their use by date they seem to turn into monsters.

Maybe monsters are all just heroes that weren’t killed off in time. Imagine that!

And maybe heroes were created by monsters we took too long to deal with. Imagine that!

However we are where we are & somewhere amidst our multitude of selves is a hero needing to die …

… and achieve immortality.

“Their pain in life resulted in fame after death. This fame was passed on through what the Greeks called kleos, or glory. Through kleos, the heroes achieved their own form of immortality.”

Locating your rogue super hero is not an easy task. Due to it living past its expiry date it morphed into something deformed yet familiar. It keeps doing its job even tho its job is defunct.

That’s why you were set some homework in the last article. To turn your attention toward tracking down your hero turned monster.

What you are looking for is a thought form, so familiar, so “TRUE” that it feels like your own skin. You ‘know’ this thing so completely. It is a FACT of your life. It keeps turning up. It’s so real it is constantly being proved true in your life. People keep doing ‘this’ to you, this thing keeps happening to you no matter where you are or who you are with.

Pay attention.
There’s always only one common denominator.

How strange that the same thing occurs again & again & again.

You are being run by a Hero-Thought-Form. Something that once kept you safe or busy or confused or angry or whatever you needed to avoid the awareness of something that was too overwhelming.

Ok great it worked. Back then. Now because you are grown up, it is not needed & it has become a monster.

Who do you hate most – what are their qualities? There’s a clue there.

But don’t be fooled, the thought form you are looking for is a hero gone rouge –

… so it’s super cunning, strong & strategic.

Here is your quest. Make it a serious. This self needs to go.

Which self is manipulating all your other selves. You are looking for a double or triple agent and it will know you are on to it. I have been hunting mine for the last few weeks.

You have to play around in your head. If I kill this one off what will happen to the others?

It’s like a strategic chess game. You have to look at what will happen if you make a particular move. How will that affect the others?

There is a self who underpins all your other selves and locks you in the life you now lead. If you like that life thank it. If you don’t, find it & then we’ll look at taking it down, with gratitude, not with venom & releasing it into immortality so we can move on.

This is a work in progress …


February 6, 2018. Uncategorized.


  1. Mick replied:

    And from a Norse angle:

    “I despise the gods
    and Freya is a bitch
    For Odin and Freya, both
    the likes of bitches I hold”



    • alex robinson replied:

      I skimmed as coffee is calling and time is short, but interesting ideas. More crossed dressed than I thor-t.


  2. suliwebster replied:

    Thanks. Very inspiring.
    Diana is another super hero, beloved by conspiracy theorists. Who shot Diana ? is a long running soap opera.
    Diana is Apollo’s counterpart. Temple of Diana is St Pauls Cathedral, Temple of Apollo is Westminster Abbey. The two big temples of London.

    Diana was going to overthrow the monarchy for us. Pro-Royalists do not like her. She restored the balance by attracting in all the threatening anti-monarchy, then being killed, a heroine. Thus we return to our view that the monarchy is super powerful and always wins, but at least those heroes that oppose it will die as martyrs in glory. I think anti-Monarchy goes hand in hand with being averse to authority. (I am). Whilst hating the authoritarian control, and constantly opposing it, or complaining about it, I simultaneously replay the game whereby I heroically lose out to authority, thus world order is restored. But I too am making changes !


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Suli
      It’s all in the changes we make, knowledge is only useful if it let’s us live our lives. I’m changing with you!


  3. Art Amiss & Apollo Chicken Shamble – Library of Libraries replied:

    […] post in which the writer, mentions that Dallas sounds like Delos, the birth place of the Greek god Apollo and his twin sister […]


  4. Annafromohio replied:

    Hello there. I’m an idiot. I am literally only smart enough to know how dumb I am. I will use big words and strengths in specific subjects to hide this fact. Yet I use my modesty and understanding of this fact to make myself feel better when someone speaks of things I’m ignorant to, or lacks that self awareness. I expect nothing from anyone and am so self critical. It’s mostly because if I’m aware of how awful I am, I can shield myself from disappointment and feelings of rejection because I expected it. I like to bask in the glow when I am corrected that I am, in fact, a decent person. Validation is sweet. When people lack this self questioning, I consider myself a better person and label them selfish even if they can accomplish over-arching positive goals. The people I “hate” are self-confident, unwavering, and self-righteous. They do not question their motives and get what they want. I resent this. I am going to kill this part of me.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Anna

      Hold off with the knives or cyanide pills. The kill off may be figurative as I’m working with new ideas.

      Bravo on your honesty, was funny cos I just finished posting my latest article then came & read this. So take what you can from that the latest article, try the latest question & hang on, there’s richer ideas still to come


  5. AMComix NZ replied:

    Oh a well placed article Alex! Thank you so much for the in depth insightful musings…shattered Minds perhaps to create the multiple personalities, all were useful at one time, and maybe some have been overused and not necessary anymore? Hmmmm, my my my who would you kill off? :-) Thanks again mon ami!!


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Michael :)

      It’s quite possible that our multiple personality existence is quite healthy, as long as we keep developing them. More to come


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