posing another question and responding to your hate mail

When I posed the question …


… about your three favourite hates, it was for a reason.

I’m guessing that one or two of your hates may have been a little surprising to you.

Nevertheless, if you did the work, I’m pretty sure you will have found a commonality in these ‘heinous’ people that may have been …


… surprising.

If you haven’t guessed already, your answer was, of course, about you.

About a self of yours that has ..


… diplomatic immunity.

A self that was once very necessary but now wreaks havoc
because it is no longer needed i.e.

grew up

… you grew up.

You continually protect this self by denying its existence in you while at the same time despising it in others. Obviously if you scorn & revile something you couldn’t possibly have such a characteristic, could you…?

You also create an idealised opposite as extra proof of not having or being this thing. (Thanks to Robert Fritz for this).

Aren’t you clever!

Now the nature of the structure in which we live always requires a fool to get the ball rolling.

fools cap

Luckily I do have access to a fools cap, so will get things underway.

What I ‘found’ & despised in my-self was a sneer.

I can remember exactly when and where I first adopted this sneer.

It was on a bus on my way home from school when I needed a shield/mask to hide behind after one too many humiliations.

The sneer came from an actress on tv.


To me she exuded invincibility, imperturbability and indestructability. I felt I needed this ‘look’ to prove that no one could hurt me. For some reason this has been one of my strongest driving forces.

While it may have worked, it has long outlived its usefulness.

Not only that it has caused pain to my body. The sneer has become a part of my musculature, in the same way that many of us have held-in guts from the fear of belly fat or the illegal lack of abs. The things we despise ‘live’ in us, that’s why we need to choose and then re-choose, wisely.

So …


… who do you hate?  And where are they working with immunity in your life?

Now let’s add a further question to ponder.

What overarching message did you receive from your parents/family? What did they tell you/imply over & over?  You may have forgotten about it or dismissed it but it lives in you.

What was the most common pronouncement, delivered matter-of-factly about you, probably with a sigh? Never underestimate the power of a sigh to turn shite into concrete.

The answer to this will be used in the next article to help clear out …


… some important closet space.


February 11, 2018. Uncategorized.


  1. AMComix NZ replied:

    This has me pondering deeply…looking forward to more! Brilliant insight. Thank you for your gifts mon ami!


  2. Mick replied:

    So, my dear, how do you deal with self-hatred?

    Since all spirals back to the central point, there is only the mirror to spit my bile at. And that is born of anger, frustration, fear, failure….and betrayal, self-betrayal.

    The others just earn my contempt, contempt of Self and its smug self-righteous spirituality.

    Much like the non-existent Law of Non-interference.


    • alex robinson replied:

      I will have just the ticket for you shortly Mick. Just want to mix it in with what I’m working on to keep the full flavour


  3. suliwebster replied:

    The “idealised opposite” is maybe what we seek in a partner, a reflection of what we want to be. Then as you get to know each other more deeply, you find you are both hiding the very same despised feature, the thing you BOTH hate. A mirror! But because you deny it in yourself, the other one is the one to be hated. All hate and anger is really about self, seeing in the mirror. The fear that you have a not-so-nice side is Huge, and fuels huge world problems. In our attempts to always be Good, the Evil continues as a hidden unknown part of ourselves.
    The only way to solve it is to Know Thyself, warts and all. People who show you the mirror are helping you along, your best teachers.
    Multiple personas can be helpful, I agree, providing we KNOW them, providing we don’t deny them, or lock them up, or allow someone else to be master over them (as in MK Ultra slaves that are created this way).
    Multiple Personality Disorder is a DISORDER. It copes with disorder. The New World Order is about Robots and ORDER. Anything disordered must be CORRECTED. Law and ORDER. This sort of Roman style ORDER is spiritual death. We need some healthy disorder, methinks. I am reminded of da Vinci’s Last Supper, to me it depicts the 13 alter personas of jesus, including the betrayer.

    Funny what you say about “fear of belly fat”. I have been relaxing my stomach, following a piece I wrote about the solar plexus, and the desire to connect through it. I really like my rounder shape, so much softer and more comfortable! Until then I had no idea my shape had been dictated by parent thought forms, because I had never been bothered with female obsessions with diets and weighing scales. The obesity CRY-SIS plays into this, and programs us to eliminate the female pregnancy from society.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Interesting thoughts Suli. And agreed how ‘our selves’ are always very close to home & most clearly (& repellently) seen in those who mirror us – but of course we are not like them.
      At all.
      Ever :)


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