More & more it seems to me that our bodies are our greatest …


… minders.

Although I don’t consider myself religious I think it useful to consider they are our gift from God.

It’s very tricky trying to explain things because that very first point of entry into any conversation is often so loaded with preconceptions that we are detoured down a different path without even realising.

But I’ll try. I think we are being frozen into …


… reflecting screens or mirrors and that a lot of this has to do with the use & abuse of light. I consider it possible that blue light immobilises us in some way.

Today I want to share some useful methods that are helping in my own …


… unfreezing process.

But first off lets re-look at the original Western wound, when one body…


… was cut in two.

Descartes theory on the dualism of mind and body is [his] signature doctrine … Known as Cartesian dualism his theory on the separation between the mind and the body …


… went on to influence subsequent Western philosophies

In the ensuing years after the split, the brain became …


… an idol while the body was turned into some weird criss-cross between sex slave, fashion accessory and productivity machine.

The thing is we have all accepted the mind-body separation. It actually feels right because we are so used to it. It’s as natural to talk of my mind or my body as it is to talk about the weather.

So I want to help make that feel less right
by making you feel

As once I wrote of the deviants who shaped our ideas about sex, so now I want to show you more of this man who is the father of your mind-body split.

“Descartes denied that animals had reason or intelligence … Whereas humans had a soul, or mind, and were able to feel pain and anxiety, animals by virtue of not having a soul could not feel pain or anxiety. If animals showed signs of distress then this was to protect the body from damage … Although Descartes’ views were not universally accepted they became prominent in Europe and North America, allowing humans to treat animals with impunity …


… [and] allowed for the maltreatment of animals, and was sanctioned in law and societal norms until the middle of the 19th century”

In order to prove that animals had no soul, Descartes sinned against life:

“One legend has it that … Descartes threw a cat out of a first floor window to demonstrate its lack of emotion and sensation”

“… he inserted a finger into the heart of a dying dog, having first sliced off the hearts apex”

“In addition to throwing cats out of windows, he also performed a pre-Pavlov experiment on a dog. He whipped the dog repeatedly while a violin was playing. He discovered that, after a while, the sound of the violin was enough to frighten the dog. He also conducted more gruesome experiments”

From this thinker comes your mind-body split. Would you care enough to rethink your connection?

I wrote a little while ago that I had developed a sneer.

only half the one I used to be
It turns out I’m not the only one & quite possibly all Westerners have a variety of this. So below is a (grateful) link to a guy who unfroze his face and has been helping me unfreeze mine. Unfreezing the face is monumentally important.

1. because we all …


… mirror each other – probably where the sneer comes from in the first place and

2. because our body reads our face, kind of like sonar. It relies rely on the expression on our face to decide what needs balancing. Tense tight face? We must be in trouble, maybe even in danger better mobilise inner defences…  constantly. Not good!


Next up how to unfreeze our breathing.

I have been using this site to help thaw …


… my diaphragm. Again gratitude to the these people who freely provide ways to help us regain our bodies. I have noticed a definite easing in my midsection although I cannot yet perform the rather frightening vacuum feat. Probably best done in privacy :)


Thirdly I have found the audio book Healing Trauma by Peter Levine to be very useful – this is a mind-body approach. Many people are literally frozen on the inside as a result of the immobility response associated with trauma. This is very useful info & being talked through the exercises was helpful. I have certain reservations about some of his style, I changed certain mental imagery to what was appropriate for me and I stopped altogether when he linked to Kali. Again and again it seems that people get off to a great start and then get sidetracked. But that’s my opinion. If you are using 2% doubt you should be ok.

Lastly The Mind-Body Code by Mario Martinez. This has been an extraordinary (and slow) read. English is his second language & I feel it comes through in his style. But reading slowly has been awesome and I have come closer to understanding the larger agenda at play through his work than almost anyone else, even though he is not a conspiracy writer. His explanation of the power of culture to affect us blows me away and will be part of future writing.

So there you have it a few ideas that you may find helpful.

If you think unfreezing rather than ‘keeping fit’ or ‘working it’ you may find that useful too.

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