snow white

Today I want to look at the glaring use of…

snow – white – bright-


– light
in the ritual known as
the Western world.

We start with a little light illumination served, as always, with a zesty 2% doubt dip.

“On 1 May 1776 Johann Adam Weishaupt founded the “Illuminati”.”


“Weishaupt Meaning: one with white hair”

“Weishaupt Name Meaning. German: nickname for someone with white hair, from Middle High German wiz ‘white’ + houbet ‘head’.”

Bright white elements seem to be
essential ingredients
for this planet’s …

light snowing

… rulers and the changes they are implementing.

That said, this is play
so please stay light-

In a few recent articles I have mentioned the flattening out of the world and the possibility that it is being turned into a giant…


… crystalline, mirrored / glass

glass (n.) Old English … from PIE root *ghel- (2) “to shine” …

It forms all or part of: chlorine; chlorophyll; gild; glad; glance; glare; glaze; glazier; gleam; glee; glide; glimmer; glint; glissade; glisten; glitch; glitter; glitzy; gloss (n.1) “glistening smoothness, luster;” glow; glower; gold; guilder; yellow”

Hmmm  interesting, even though all that shines is not gold,
it is apparently glassy.

Anyways let’s look see if we can catch a few more of the angles that have been woven into our culture hell-spell.

I mention hell because I think it’s a frozen place, one that is the desired domain of the rebel ‘angels’ – or call them what you will – the ones that …


and set up camp …


… in every sense of the word.

Why good would a frozen world be in the scheme of things?

“In Hiroshige’s graceful print, the midair suspension of snowflakes suggests an …


… almost magical suspension of time. Snow is the harbinger of winter, the season that slows down the world” – The Book of Symbols

Are we looking at an attempt to slow something down? To ‘buy’ time?

Alternatively could global warming/climate change be about crafting some form of hard light through crystalising and freezing?

p.s I found the following picture after the gay ice cream and fallen angel comment above. This was the very first image that showed up under ‘global warming’ on google, which…


… makes me wonder if glow-ball warming
has meaning I am unaware of.

Anyway let’s continue and take a look at the ritualistic use of white, bright & light. Especially in conjunction with the overarching NWO goals of …


peace & unity. 

Notot something many would wish for if they applied closer scrutiny.

By the way the gay agenda seems to be a requirement of this process of Unity rather than a trending fashion.  And although I’m not inserting any explicit pics you will understand that …


semen fits under the heading of white, bright, light.

A gay man spoke thus centuries ago:

“The first of all single colors is white … We shall set down white for the representative of light” — Leonardo Da Vinci

Ps this is not an anti gay article. Everyone deserves respect. What I’m interested in the trends I see as a conspiracy researcher.

So a quick look at white:

“white (adj.)
Old English hwit “bright, radiant; clear, fair,” … from PIE *kweid-o-, suffixed form of root *kweit- “white; to shine” (source also of Sanskrit svetah “white;” …  svetu “light;” …” švaityti “to brighten

“The word white … is ultimately from Proto-Indo-European language *kwid-, surviving also in Sanskrit śveta “to be white or bright“[3] and Slavonic světŭ “light…Common Germanic also had the word *blankaz (“white, bright, blinding“),”

Basically white is the closest colour you can get to light and it’s significance seems to stem from that.

Here are some cultural concepts that come up repeatedly in connection to white.

Purity, chastity, citizenship, modernity, simplicity, neutrality,
perfection, good, honesty, cleanliness, virginity, the beginning, the new,
sacrifice, innocence, untouchable, detachment, serenity, divinity,
baptism, weddings, religion, civic virtue.

Please note that the significance given to this (or any colour), is cultural. In some Asian countries white is associated with …


… death & mourning.

What I’m interested in is the West.
And in the West, white positively glows
with legal & regal …


… power & prestige.

The excerpt that follows speaks of the fundamental qualities of white. The description comes from an overview of a game called Magic: The Gathering. Games/mages usually tell it like it is.

“White is the color of order, light, and healing … It is not necessarily good, though white will often present itself in this way.

White’s ultimate goal is peace —[a] unity that White had worked so long to forge [through] a number of broad concepts; …

peace 1

… morality (ethics, religion), order (law, discipline), uniformity (conformity),

peace 2

… and structure (government, planning).”

“White does not focus on the individual …

white 1

… but instead on the whole. Individuals are indeed encouraged to act on behalf of White and stop those who oppose it.

One can view White as a literal …


… “Ivory Tower.” On the surface one sees strength, fortitude, elegance, and purity. Underneath, however, these qualities represent an inherent rigidity. There is little room for change, there is little flexibility, only the iron dictum of the initial design. To those inside the tower, this is as it should be. To those on the outside of the tower, this attitude smacks of fascism, a lack of individuality, and oppression.

To defend itself …White creates a …


… deeply entrenched political system, a bureaucracy charged with enforcing rules and regulations, in order to prevent much changing of the ways of its society from within. White is typically very open and honest about what it is doing, …

up front

… and tends to enjoy the displaying of its laws for all to see and to obey without question.

White sees itself and its people as …

nights in white satin

… “the chosen people”, better than everyone else. White believes itself to be the best because it …


… fights on the side of righteousness. White sees everyone else as unclean or incorrect in some manner and seeks to defend itself from those impurities.

White uses Religion and its concern for and control over the group to ...

faith full

… motivate large numbers … to fight for its cause, allowing it to outnumber the opponent. To White, the loss of one person in an attack is …


… irrelevant if it allows several others to succeed, further expressing [its] lack of concern for the individual.

It’s … difficult for White to appeal to a single person … so to compensate for this weakness it … tries to appeal to as many people at once …


… in hopes of them disregarding their own self-interest in exchange for the support and desires of the community.

A common misconception is that White stands for Good … However, taking the time to really look into what White is based upon, then you will see that White is not always good …

uni formed

… but it invariably stands for “Good” in its own mind … Fascism for example, as a system based around complete order, is very White in essence. Communism is also a firmly White doctrine, imposing numerous laws and restrictions which can end up being oppressive for individuals, but good for society at large.

Let’s look at …


… the Nazi flag to get clearer about the role of white via alchemy. What follows are three phases of crafted transformation found in an alchemy site:

“1. Blackness of Nigredo

… here the operation of putrefaction takes place … the fixed gets dissolved by the volatile … Nigredo is always indicated by something black: the raven, the raven’s head, the dark jacket, darkness, the night, the Solar or Moon eclipse, the tomb, hell, and death.

2. Whiteness or Albedo

This is the perfect putrefaction, when all blackness has disappeared and the color white appears. Then it is said that life has conquered death, that the king has been revived, that earth and water has become air, that the child has been born, that Heaven (the Volatile, the Female) and Earth (the Fixed, the Male) have married. It is the realm of the Moon.

When one has purified … at a certain point, light appears.

… in Whiteness, the Matter has attained a degree of Fixedness … that is, very stable … From this point on one needs to continue this purification … to the next stage of redness.

3. Redness or Rubedo


The third and last phase is characterized by the color red. When the White stone or the White Elixir has been made, it needs to [be] purified further, sublimated, until the Matter becomes totally Fixed and is completely stable. Then we have the Red Sulfur, the red stone, the Red Elixir, the Stone of the Wise.”

And a little more:

“Following the chaos or massa confusa of the nigredo stage (black), the alchemist undertakes a purification in albedo (white), which is literally referred to as ablutio –


… the washing away of impurities. In this process, the subject is divided into two opposing principles to be later coagulated to form a unity of opposites … during rubedo (red).

ahhh … unity.

The red king and the white queen (or a man in a dress?) are alchemical allegories, and their union …

peace and unity

… represents the process of uniting opposites to create a greater, fully unified product of that union

It keeps coming back to unity.

Expect to find white alchemy in every area where unity and peace are lauded. You’ll find lots if you are willing to look, I’m not going to spell everything out, that’s already been done …

… & we missed it.

Let’s start with a little music.

“The Beatles were a leviathan, a cultural colossus …


… whose influence on their musical contemporaries was wholly unprecedented and remains unsurpassed.

The Beatles, also known as “The White Album”,


… is the ninth studio album by the English rock band the Beatles, released on 22 November 1968.

Most of the songs on the album were written during March and April 1968 at a Transcendental Meditation course in Rishikesh, India

John’s relationship with her [Yoko] was finally consummated just 11 days prior to the start of the White Album’s sessions at Abbey Road.

With the White Album, The Beatles delivered all the necessary components for what we now know as classic rock, but the disharmony that facilitated its birth proved fatal. As John Lennon himself acknowledged: “The break-up of The Beatles can be heard on that album.”


For the green shoots of rock to thrive, The Beatles had to die.”

The nigredo element of the Beatles death was Yoko Oko and her effect on John Lennon:

peace white

“Their relationship was way beyond close. They had become two inseparable halves of a single entity, and Yoko a permanent fixture in the studio”

white apple

Decades later:

“The Imagine Peace Tower … is a memorial to John Lennon from his widow, Yoko Ono, located [in] Iceland. It consists of a tall tower of light, projected from a white stone monument that has the words “Imagine Peace” carved into it in 24 languages.


The Tower consists of 15 searchlights with prisms that act as mirrors, reflecting the column of light vertically into the sky … It often reaches cloudbase.

‘I hope the Imagine Peace Tower will give light to the strong wishes of world peace from all corners of the planet and give encouragement, inspiration and a sense of solidarity in a world now filled with fear and confusion.

‘Let us come together to realise a peaceful world’.”

Other musical alchemical illuminators include:

Michael Jackson …

white man

– the black man who turned white.

Whitney Houston …


… a black woman with a white name:

“The name Whitney is an Anglo-Saxon baby name. In Anglo-Saxon the meaning of the name Whitney is: From the white island”

Who became a queen:

“Beyoncé  … wrote on her website on the day after Houston’s death, … “She is our queen and she opened doors and provided a blueprint for all of us.”

Ok let’s look at governments and wonder a little curiously why the Western dominating governments of the US and England both rule from white.

Pay attention to the nigredo putrefaction that occurred to both the inhabitants and the buildings.

First up England:

“Whitehall is a road in the City of Westminster, Central London … The street is recognised as the centre of the Government of the United Kingdom and is …

white hall

… lined with numerous departments and ministries, including the Ministry of Defence, Horse Guards and the Cabinet Office. Consequently, the name “Whitehall” is used as a metonym for the British civil service and government.


The name was taken from the Palace of Whitehall that was the residence of Kings Henry VIII through to William III, before its destruction by fire in 1698; only the Banqueting House survived.”

charles 1

“The Banqueting House, Whitehall, is the grandest and best known survivor of the architectural genre of banqueting house and the only remaining component of the Palace of Whitehall [where] King Charles I of England was beheaded on a scaffold in front of it in January 1649”

Now the US:

The White House is the official residence and workplace of the …

white house

… President of the United States … and has been the residence of every U.S. President since John Adams in 1800. The term is often used as a metonym for the president and his advisers.

Fyi Adams moved in on 1 Nov, 1800 aka samhain

“Samhain … is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year. Traditionally, it is celebrated from 31 October to 1 November, as the Celtic day began and ended at sunset”

“According to Irish mythology, Samhain … was a time when the ‘doorways’ to the Otherworld opened, allowing supernatural beings and the souls of the dead to come into our world”

But back to the White House:

“In 1814, during the War of 1812, the mansion was set ablaze by the British Army in the Burning of Washington, destroying the interior and charring much of the exterior.”

And some powerful putrefaction:

Three of the first five presidents …


…  John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe
died on July 4.

Let’s turn to another great White Western event –



First a little background music.

“The Kraft Music Hall was a popular old-time radio variety program … which aired … from 1933 to 1949 … featuring orchestra leader Paul Whiteman … promoting Kraft products. (FYI Kraft Foods was founded by James Lewis Kraft).

Bing Crosby took over as master of ceremonies January 2, 1936″

Ever since 1941 a special kind of Christmas has been yearned for. This yearning was ignited directly after the putrefaction of Pearl harbour.

“Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” was first heard on a radio show sponsored by the Kraft Company on Christmas Day, 1941.

… Families tuning in to that broadcast were thinking about the tragic event that happened just 18 days before: the Pearl Harbor attack.

… the following winter … Armed Forces radio played “White Christmas” over and over to remind them of home.

x mash

When Crosby traveled overseas to perform for the troops, the carol was always the most requested…

“I hesitated about doing it because invariably it caused such a nostalgic yearning among the men, that it made them sad,” Crosby said in an interview. “Heaven knows, I didn’t come that far to make them sad. For this reason, several times I tried to cut it out of the show, but these guys just hollered for it.” “

The song itself came from putrefaction and what seems to me a strange ritual.

Firstly Berlin was Jewish & had no affiliation to Christmas. On top of that we are told it’s a very sad song because it brought out the sadness of losing his son who had died on Christmas day.

Now that makes a good story, but I have some hesitation because his son was three weeks old and he died in 1928. That was 13 years later. I don’ think anyone could hold onto such a grief for that length of time for a child that had not had time to know.

By the end of the war, “White Christmas” was the bestselling song of all time and held that distinction for 56 years until Elton John’s remake of “Candle in the Wind” when Princess Diana died in 1997.

Ah yes, what would an article be without the …


… psychopomp of the stars bringing up the rear.

We know that song writer & performers have no hesitation in tricking us, they have their own language. look no farther than the meaning of dance. So I had a little play with the lyrics of Candle in the Wind

“And I would have liked to have


known you
but I was just a kid

Elton John unified two white icons with this one song.


He transformed into shining angels of light.

Yet both had willingly prostituted themselves for fame & power.

“candle (n.) … ” from candere “to shine,” from PIE root *kand– “to shine.” ”

kand– … forms all or part of: candela; candelabrum; candescent; candid; candidate; candle; candor; chandelier; chandler; frankincense; incandescence; incandescent; incendiary; incense (n.)

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit cand- “to give light, shine,” candra- “shining, glowing, moon;” Greek kandaros “coal;” Latin candere “to shine;” Welsh cann “white,” Middle Irish condud “fuel.”

Marilyn Monroe was a monumentally bright, shiny …


… white icon.

She was used by the West to sell diamonds & sex …


… & then to unify …


… sex and death.

By the way the slogan A Diamond is Forever may have been channelled. It created an historic hunger for diamonds:

“In 1938 … De Beers … recruited the New York–based ad agency N.W. Ayer to burnish the image of diamonds in the United States. One of Ayer’s young copyrighters, Frances Gerety, was working late one night to the point of exhaustion. Finally in desperation, she put her head down on the table and pleaded for help. Just before she left work that night she scribbled the words “a diamond is forever” on a piece of paper and the rest is history”


“A diamond is forever” came to her as she was getting ready to go to sleep, and she wrote it down on a piece of paper beside her bed late at night.”

But back to the woman of white:

“Monroe’s screen persona centred on her blond hair … she often wore white to emphasise her blondness. In 1953 she was voted fastest rising star

Her marriage to Arthur Miller was ‘white’ through and through.

They were married …


… in White Plains, New York.

And for those who doubt the West is a white construction:

“miller (n.)  mid-14c. … literally “mill-keeper” ”

“mill (n.1) … “building fitted to grind grain

“Wheat is the grain …


… on which Western civilization was built. It’s been used for thousands of years as the foundation of our diet”

wheat (n.) … from Proto-Germanic *hwaitjaz …  literally …


… “that which is white

The footage of Monroe’s dress billowing over a subway grate was shot … outside the Trans-Lux 52nd Street Theater.

“Trans-Lux” meaning “moving light“.


“The fashion web site has classified the dress as one of history’s most famous dresses. A similar survey conducted by Cancer Research (?) UK voted the dress number one of all-time iconic celebrity fashion moments”

By the way that ritual was renewed with …


… a newly minted high priestess
in 2016 Super Bowl.

He had the requisite background.

“Dafoe made his film debut in Heaven’s Gate in 1980 … In 1988, Dafoe played Jesus in Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ … Dafoe played Norman Osborn / Green Goblin in the superhero film Spider-Man … [in] … 2009, he starred in the experimental film Antichrist”

“He’s played Jesus — now he’s playing the Devil. A 2013 Super Bowl ad is giving Willem Dafoe the chance to play Satan, in a promo for Mercedes-Benz”

The date of Monroe’s death was 5 August – the anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone for the Statue of Demeter Liberty in 1884.

During the final months of her life, Monroe lived at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive.

(Helen = most beautiful woman in world who was kidnapped by Paris. Meanwhile some time later … Princess Diana dies in Paris after seeing a bright light in a tunnel – you can’t make this stuff up)

While Monroe’s death was weird, a few things stand out extra theatrically bright.

“She was pronounced dead by her physician, Dr. Hyman Engelberg, who arrived at the house at around 3:50 a.m”

Never since Engelbert Humperdinck has such an unwieldy name reared its strange head.

“Engelberg = angel mountain”

And hymen? Well the spelling is slightly different, but come on …

“hymen … a membrane which partially closes the opening of the vagina and whose presence is traditionally taken to be a mark of virginity”

Remember that white has come to be culturally accepted as a sign of virginity.

So we ask … did Marilyn die like a virgin?

“I was beat
I’d been had, I was sad and blue
But you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel

Shiny and new”

The trickiness of ritual seems to make room for very clever wordplay.

Taking curiosity a little further I wonder if Marilyn’s death some kind of symbolic marriage ceremony?

“Hymen … in Hellenistic religion, is a god of marriage ceremonies …

hey man

[He]  is supposed to attend every wedding … He presided over many of the weddings in Greek mythology, for all the deities and their children …

Hymen was mentioned in Euripides’s The Trojan Women, where Cassandra says:

“Bring the light, uplift and show its flame! I am doing the god’s service, see! I am…


making his shrine to glow with tapers bright

There was also a strange lapse of time in the body being handed over to the authorities, just as in the case of Diana.

Dead white women…

If we go back to Whitney (symbolically white) we find echoes of Marilyn. Both found naked & face down. Ritualistically that means they died as…


… ‘moon’ symbols.

Certainly they were …


… white stars.

Speaking of which.

Another great white virgin sacrifice took place, years before either of these two women were born.

It was a real disaster.

disaster (n.) … 1590s, from Middle French désastre (1560s), from Italian disastro “ill-starred,” … + astro “star, planet,” from Latin astrum, from Greek astron “star”.”

star line

Their was a brief marriage & …


… violent consummation
followed by …

sea men

… a freezing ejaculation.

Who can say what was really created when these two white giants …


… ‘came’ together.

Kate Winslet’s strange name in the movie makes more sense in connection with this article.

Rose Dewitt Bukater

“DeWitt or Dewitt is a … form of the Dutch surname De Witt, meaning “the white (one)”

A white rose
on a white star.

There’s no denying that Stars are super important. They intimately connect to those that rule, though I’m not sure why. More play is needed.

Keeping on with weddings let’s look at white weddings and speculate that they may incorporate a sneaky symbolic virgin sacrifice. In the ritual a woman is handed over from one man to another – that could be seen as a bit creepy.  However I don’t want to take down marriage only to lift up the rug beneath the cherished wedding ceremony to see what, if anything lurks there.

First off white weddings really have nothing to do with virginity. They have everything to do with mimicking royalty.

“Queen Victoria has been credited with starting the tradition of white weddings and white bridal gowns”


“She selected a white dress, which was considered an unusual choice

“The high profile marriages of other British royal brides, such as Victoria’s daughter, Victoria the Princess Royal, and her daughter in law, Alexandra of Denmark, who both followed the traditions set by Victoria, helped to further conventionalise white wedding dresses”

Victoria’s dress was positively dripping in lace, another unusual addition to a wedding dress that has become essential:

“The word lace is from Middle English, from Old French las, noose, strin, from Vulgar Latin *laceum, from Latin laqueus, noose; probably akin to lacere, to entice or ensnare

“Later, many people assumed that the color white was intended to symbolize virginity, though this was not the original intention: it was the color blue that was connected to purity, piety, faithfulness, and the Virgin Mary”

Thus white weddings may have been a tricky way to get the masses to embrace…


… white symbolism for something not of their choosing.

If you’ve read Matt Delooze’s articles on what Christmas is really about then you also know that Christmas trees …


… were another tradition that come handed down by Victoria & co.

Finally as we’re in England we cannot leave without a visit to the holy of holies. The place which sparked a flood of female sacrifice.


Whitechapel is a district in the East End of London, England

Here we find the alchemical Nigredo at its height.


“The further we penetrated into this Whitechapel, the more our hearts sank …  Never in Russia, never later in the worst slums of New York, were we to see such poverty as in the London of the 1880s.”

Over the space of two years, 11 brutal killings took place in this place..

“These murders took place between April 3, 1888 and February 13th, 1891. These murders were collectively known as the “Whitechapel Murders”


“the Whitechapel murders of 1888 were unlike anything the Metropolitan Police had ever seen before”

“Of the eleven Whitechapel Murders, it is widely believed that Jack the Ripper is directly responsible for five of them”

And then they just stopped.

That’s kind of strange.

Also strange that no one was caught.

Victorian England was certainly a place of inception. A number of enduring Western cultural tradition were birthed in this era. In my next article we will start to get to grips with the unimaginable power & force of culture.

For now let’s finish in England with one of its most formidable high priests. The man who’s very name made him a walking temple.


Winston Churchill.

We met him recently as he birthday-partied in the neighbourhood of the Crystal palace on the night it accidentally caught fire. That was 1936, three years before WWII.

Three years before WWI, as Home Secretary, he popped down from Whitehall to Whitechapel to oversee a little slaughter.


“… a Metropolitan Police account states that the events of Sidney Street were “a very rare case of a Home Secretary taking police operational command decisions”

The gist of the event is as follows. It has some interesting numbers:

The Siege of Sidney Street of January 1911 … was a gunfight in the East End of London between a combined police and army force and two Latvian revolutionaries. The siege was the culmination of a series of events … with an attempted jewellery robbery at … 119 Houndsditch, the jeweller’s shop owned by Henry Samuel Harris.

What’s really telling about this event however is found in the details. It’s all about …


… location, location, location.

In this case the upper left hand corner details

Ok I’m done. This is just the tip of another iceberg. It’s to get you thinking not to prove anything. Stay away from proving things. Stay lighthearted.

~ ~ ~

A few final ruminations in no particular order.

“Architecture is music frozen in time”

Other white-named actresses include Jessica Alba & Cate Blanchett

Lucifer is said to have walked among the fiery stones – a little word play

“freeze (v.) … “turn to ice” … from Proto-Germanic *freus-, equivalent to PIE root *preus- “to freeze,” also “to burn” (source also of Sanskrit prusva, Latin pruina “hoarfrost,” Welsh rhew “frost,” Sanskrit prustah “burnt,” Albanian prus “burning coals,” Latin pruna “a live coal”).”

& lastly

New Zealand’s latest & third female Prime Minister, who was elected out of the blue last year, got immediately pregnant. Her features remind me of British royalty of royalty and certainly the new family are presented in the media in a very similar way to English royalty. Ellis Taylor has called NZ the mirror of England.

The Prime Minister’s baby was born June 21, the solstice. This also happens to be Prince William’s birthday. The Prime Minister presented her baby dressed in white. Her daughter has been named Neve.

“neve (n.) … “field of granular snow, firn,”

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    Perhaps the world is just one massive shiva lingam topped with a diamond.


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    MR. ELECTROMAGNETICS: By placing all of these semiconductor elements into gaseous plasma form, a semiconductor can be created on gaseous plasmonic form. Just as solid state semiconductors form the basis of a solid state computer, gaseous plasmonic semiconductor material could be used to create a gaseous plasmonic computer in the atmosphere above our heads.

    This gaseous semiconductor in the sky substantially creates a computer in the sky, which can be programmed to accomplish any desire of the computer programmer in accordance with the computer software. This would lead to a computer in the sky under computer software control. The computer can be programmed to allow objects to pass through this shield environment, or the computer can prevent something from passing through this defense shield.


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    Almost 100% of New Age philosophy and practices (energy work/channelling) is to do with love and light. Below is an email I received from a very popular angel site:

    Today I wanted to share an important little piece, and a powerful process from within one of the newest Angelic Activations with the Council of Light.
    Here it is:
    “Enter inward… Open your heart and let your awareness expand so that you shine as the awakened Divine being in the physical you are.
    Feel your love and heart light flowing forth and expanding far beyond you…
    And now from your heart, send forth the love vibration…
    Send love, peace and blessing forth to all awakened hearts that make up the human heart grid.
    And now in return…
    Receive the blessings of love, kindness, compassion, peace, joy and wellbeing from those who make up the awakened human heart grid…
    Send and receive the blessings of love which opens the flow for a new level of light to infuse and elevate the entire human heart grid…
    Elevating the light of the human heart grid and as a result the light of the entire planet, and all of humanity…
    For the full guided audio experience of Creating Divine Blessings with the Council of Light…
    And access to all the most recent Premium Angel Messages and Angelic Activations….
    Check out the Angel Solution Membership Here >>
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    I am not saying this isn’t efficacious, but all ‘spiritual’ companies follow the same basic practice.

    Let’s get cynical:


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    The white light always represents the Source, the Unity, the One. Peggy Kane, amongst many others, was a fervent promulgator of the One. Connection with the Source usually involves an Ascension Process by linking with Ascended Masters. The foundation of the modern practices lie with Alice Bailey. Connections with Theosophy, Anthroposophy and the OTO are inevitable. The word ‘process’ also ties to the Process Church and thus to Scientology. This again ties back to the OTO. The Process Church ties to channelling angels through Timothy Wyllie. The Council of Light is the Great White Brotherhood, and there we land on Mme Blavatsky and MacGregor Mathers, leading back eventually to John Dee (who Tracy Twyman considers may have designed this particular construct utilising the light refracting properties of diamond, under the instruction of angels, of course).


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    GWEN towers.

    Ground Wave Emergency Network.

    Gwen is Welsh feminine name meaning white, holy. Shortened version of Gwenhwyfar.


  11. etherium crypto replied:

    etherium crypto

    snow white | too long in this place


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