making enemies

We are being deceived in a way that may not be immediately …


… or even remotely,

To illustrate this I’d like to gently pass on a slap in the face
I received earlier today.


Step 1. Raise Hand:
I attempted to point out some blatant chemtrails in the skies above to a friend who is not interested in such things.

Later the sky was even more atrocious.

Step 2. Swing arm backwards:
I felt angry. Angry that so many people choose not to see & so are condemning us all to a condemned world.


Step 3. Enter the slap:

A little background to the slap.

A few hours previously I’d been typing out random musing from notes that had escaped the washing machine. One little line stood out.

“this is all about creating enemies where there aren’t any”

That’s what hit me.

How we conspiracy theorists – excuse the stupid term, but you know what I mean, are being led to blame the ‘sheeple’, who won’t ‘wake up’ for the destruction of the world.

IF they would just wake up then we’d all stand together, or some such thing, and we could stop the powers that be from doing what they are doing..

But come on. Think about it.

Even if we could ‘wake them up’ what would happen?

How would people who …


prefer not to know be able to ‘save the world’ when the ones who are already working their arses off, cannot?

So just maybe we are looking at this all wrong and making enemies of the wrong people.

Probably because we feel so helpless as we watch the orchestrated control-destruction of the world. Its easier to blame people we see as weaker. It helps us feel a bit more powerful.

And that’s about as effective as we get.

Meanwhile the ‘sheeple’ pounce on the conspiracy ‘lunatics’ any chance they get because ummm … its easier to blame people they see as weaker… It helps them feel a bit more powerful.

And that’s about as effective as they get.

Time out!

We reduce our inner tensions & fears by finding someone visible & close by to blame. BUT we are all …


… pawns here. And pawns fighting pawns only leads to less pawns.

It should be clear by now that waking ‘sheeple’ or blaming ‘sheeple’ is going down a wrong road.

Some questions to try on for size:

What are YOU personally working to achieve?

Is waking people up the only way to achieve that?


July 21, 2018. Uncategorized.


  1. Mick replied:

    Well, there’s enough infighting between ‘truthers’: my theory is right, your’s isn’t; is this person a shill? etc.
    Perhaps, if everything’s foundation is energy then that is the place to start first, with thoughts and feelings, and how we project them.
    The good ‘ol Middle Way of divine indifference, yet full of compassion.
    Insert pithy quasi-religious truism here – …………………………………….


    • alex robinson replied:

      Haha go quasi-religious truism. Yes infighting & right-proving = zero results


  2. Suze replied:

    Many years ago, I was a born-again Christian and they also tried to wake people up to their truth that the only way we can be saved is through Jesus and couldn’t understand why people didn’t see that. We are divided and conquered on so many levels.

    What I am working to achieve is healing from my house of extreme neglect and self-compassion. If I can clean up my little corner of the world and add a little bit of love and healing instead of hate and strife, well that’s not such a bad thing.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Suze that sounds wonderful & I think it is the sanest way to go.


    • AMComix NZ replied:

      Have to agree with Alex, sounds great and yes divided and conquered on so many levels


  3. AMComix NZ replied:

    DOH!! Good one mon ami! Been there with the back kicks and slaps! See that photo of said chemo trails looks like a familiar sky! Yes, that ancient ole’ in-sight of “everyone is right in their own world” is a hard one to remember…We spoke of how indoctrinated in the Western school system kids are about giving the “Right” answers…which is possibly the flipped version of the “Right living” spoke of the the Bible…Peeps have not really learned how to listen to each other have they? :-)


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