climate changed

I’ve been clearing out my files and finally found the most telling picture I have of our climate being changed.

It does not come from YOU using too many plastic bags or driving your car.

It is an orchestrated weather modification designed by –who really knows- but most certainly using your military forces.

And it’s not planes – although they may be used. I watched these things first hand, shoot across the sky at tremendous speed. I was often left with the impression of watching missiles.

These images were taken in the US four years ago.


The two ‘planes’ above shot across the sky in extremely tight tandem, leaving the familiar spreading gloop. No private planes fly like this. (I switched filters on my camera trying to capture anything else invisible to the naked eye).

Other images.





2014-06-29 15.16.29

Possibly nothing can be done to stop this.

And if Matt Delooze is correct then “protesting” is actually a form of acceptance that aids those who are behind this.

Nevertheless it seems we can spiritually object. I think this involves taking physical action (i.e writing this post) that conveys a spiritual non-acceptance / rejection / rebuking of the manipulation, control & destruction of this planet & all the life forms that belong here.

I am currently working on another article to help make clearer the tricky symbolic rules we are under and how our actions are legally spiritually binding whether we realise it or not.

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