banking on your children

It’s 11/11 today.

Very useful for rituals & manipulating the image of the past.

So while most people are looking backwards, let’s look at what’s being snuck in under the radar, for the future. I’m saying what I see. I would like to be wrong.

We have 3 major banks in NZ plus a new upcoming home-grown one.

Now I may be fancifully imaginative or I may be constantly developing my ability to read the symbolic-heiroglyphic subtext that is hidden everywhere in full view.

So first off we have the ASB Bank.

If you want to get your money out of here …


… you bow your head to this ahem… cute ‘sunny’ child-elephant.

It’s he who stimulated this article because as I walked down the street oblivious to him, the bright yellow glow between his legs literally jumped into my side vision.

I had no idea the elephant was even there until that moment. The photo doesn’t do justice to the glow that area had. For an instant it looked like he had a penis. Because I am short-sighted my brain shows me what it thinks it sees. If I was clear-sighted I would guided to see only a space between his legs.


Let’s try a little experiment.

If I reverse the photo so your brain is momentarily confused, you should now see a bright light emanating from between this elephants legs.

elephant reverse

If we turn it the right way up
we can see the text underneath.


I have heard masturbating referred to as ‘making magic’. Also of interest is that the small ‘Kash’ logo, which created a ‘skeleton’ in my (short) sight.

Next up is the ANZ bank – I have already posted about this advert using a child whose face is smeared in ‘chocolate’.


Thirdly there is Kiwi Bank.

Although I can’t find the image now, the bank was using a picture of a mother holding up her child to the sun. Her ‘son’ was holding a toy lion. Now contrary to popular belief NZ has no Savannahs & no lions wandering around the place – so for an advert for a ‘kiwi’ bank using this was animal was mighty strange image.

However as a example of symbolic sun worship / child sacrifice – the lion being a symbol of the sun – it fit perfectly.

So I decided to check out the one bank I hadn’t looked at. Westpac.

Would I find subliminal sexual innuendo involving children or a spot of sun worship involving children?

I snapped this pic today.


Let’s remember the children now
instead of the re-architectured past.


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Today I was horrified.

So horrified that I forgot to take my books with me to the cafe for my daily contemplation – a joy I always make space for. It wasn’t till I sat down that I dazedly realised they were still in the car.

What could have caused such an anomaly in my life?



Is this announcement merely stating that a petrol station & a supermarket are joining forcesĀ  …


… or is it a covert announcement that the new world order (of the serpent cult) is being set up to take control of NZ soon?

This would be on a par with legal notices slipped into newspapers – it doesn’t matter if you ‘see’ them (i.e. ‘get’ them) – the legal requirement have been made & therefore they can go ahead.

I am working on a new article that actually includes this covert stuff – so it was all the more intense for me.


Also interesting that I had just come from getting petrol while thinking about how I would not use the ‘Z’ stations any more & how I would stop glazing over when I do see them – a more blatant serpent symbol I have yet to see. They have infested NZ. (They used to be ‘Shell’ stations here).

Add to that, that there were no car parks which is unusual, so I was forced to park right outside this snake petrol station, otherwise I’d not have seen the sign.

So I think it was my spiritual objection that allowed me to see more, & then I had the choice to do my usual daily activities or write this rebuttal.

This article will make a lot more sense when my new post is published. In fact the two together should make the topic more rounded.

Back soonish


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