this is not the grail you are looking for

Unfortunately, the article I wanted to have published on the universal …


… day of deception (December 25) will not be finished. And as I’m going away for a bit I have to just let go … for a little.

However I have a small story that in a way is the article in its essence. A living example of the symbolic laws (I believe) we are living under.

This will probably sound corny, but come back here when I have finished, & you have read, the BIG article & you may say … hmmmm.

~  ~  ~

A few weeks ago I published a crazy little story


… about an apparently …

you cant be serious

… silly reaction I had
when I saw the sign above sign.

Yet for me it was as clear as if
the words
had openly said:


About a week after the above I was on my way home & needed to pick up something from the supermarket. As I pulled into the only available spot on the roadside, I noticed a large blue-green cup with a broken handle lying on the curb, (right by where my passenger door would be) …

not grail

A strange sight for this fairly upmarket area.

I was going to leave it but had the thought what if some kid kicks it at my car? So I picked it up & walked back towards a corner where I thought there was a bin. No luck. So I kept on walking & then eureka there was one straight ahead.


… It looked like this.

Because the whole thing was kind of surreal/strange I was more alert than usual. And I think that’s why I stopped & looked up before depositing the cup. Across the road & directly in front of me, as I bent over (bowed) with ‘holy grail/libation cup’ in my hand, was this:


From the very first time these ‘Z’ appeared in NZ,
I always seen …


… this.

Even more scary, my almost offering on that day …

snake cup

… was to the very snake (station) that had announced that a “NWO was coming soon”.

I really don’t know if it was a lesson, perhaps from my own subconscious, a test or a trick (or maybe it really was just a random event.)

Whatever it was on the day I did what I felt was right. I stopped, turned & walked on to the next bin.

Do you see how it can work?

Years ago I wrote about a statue called …

bowed down

… The Sacrifice, at the ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park, Sydney. It was constructed & placed in such a way, that for people to look at it, they had to ‘bow’ their head.


The thing is – things aren’t done here for ‘no reason’.

” Bowing (also called stooping) is the act of lowering the torso and head as a social gesture in direction to another person or symbol


… It is also used in religious contexts, as a form of worship or veneration… The depth of the bow was related to the difference in rank or degree of respect or gratitude … A nod of the head may be regarded as the minimal form of bow; forms of kneeling, genuflection, or prostration which involves the hands or whole body touching the ground, are the next levels of gesture”

Somehow bowing seems to be legal & binding in the symbolic language we use every day & are completely unaware of.

What I want on pass on to you is to start consider your actions from a symbolic point of view. Work to become conscious of what you are doing, because it’s possible that our actions may be feeding a system that enslaves all of us.

I have a theory based on ‘line of sight‘ which I hope to expand on sometime. The idea goes like this – pay attention to what is in your line of sight when you nod, bow your head or kneel down. You do these things all the time. For instance you bow when you look down at your phone, at an atm cash machine, or at the path as you walk. So just check what is in front of you & see if it is something you would be willing to give respect to. If not just turn and face something else.

I have also been using the phrase “objection” (just like they do in court), when I see something that is ‘wrong’. Either under my breath or out loud, when possible, I say



Maybe that seems weak or childish. But perhaps making up our own ways is more powerful than we realise. One things for sure fighting & protesting DON’T work.

Here’s a little snippet from Robert Fritz about the power of ‘making things up’.

“If not by revelation or discovery, then how do you derive the what in the question What do I want? … The answer to this question permeates all creative acts, from creating your life the way you want it to be to designing the latest technological advances in computer science.
Our educational tradition unfortunately has had the tendency to belittle the power & significance of this answer …
How do you create the what in “What do I want?”


Please do not miss the point. This is truly a remarkable insight into the deeper nature of the creative orientation

And although Robert is not into the conspiracy research the following can speak to those of us who are:

“But the fact is that Albert Einstein made up the theory of relativity, Marie Curie made up the theory of radiation, Thomas Edison made up the light bulb, Mary Cassatt made up the painting The Bath, Anton Werbern made up the Six Bagatelles for String Quartet, Emily Dickinson made up the poem “Because I could Not Stop for Death,” … & the founders of the nation made up the United States of America

And I made up this blog.

Size is irrelevant. Doesn’t matter whether is small or big or whether it makes sense to others.

How about starting to make things up?




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aztec england


While working hard to get my new post finished a number of extraordinary syncs showed up in the space of a day.

Everything’s connected so it’s worth posting this.

While researching a bit of England’s history yesterday morning I came upon a bizarre murder story.

The year 1888 was used to enact some …


… atrocious rituals.

Yet this world contains plenty who would not find them atrocious. They would simply see them as necessary to their plans.

So have a look at the following & see what you think/feel. Some syncs connect with next article so I won’t go into those just yet.

“The Whitehall Mystery is an unsolved murder that took place in London in 1888. The dismembered remains of a woman were discovered at three different sites in the centre of the city, including the future site of Scotland Yard, the police’s headquarters. The incident belongs to the so-called Thames Torso Murders of 1887–89.

On 2 October 1888, during construction of the Metropolitan Police‘s new headquarters, to be known as Scotland Yard, on the Victoria Embankment near Whitehall in Westminster, a worker found a parcel containing human remains. The female torso was discovered in a three-month-old vault that made up part of the cellar. It was placed there at some point after 29 September when Richard Lawrence (Laurentius … meaning … “The one who wears a laurel wreath” … a symbol of victory and honor … crowning a successful commander during his triumph), a workman, had last been inside the unlocked vault. The body had been wrapped in cloth, possibly a black petticoat, and tied with string.


(Note how sexualised this image is – the woman found was largish & had been dead at least six weeks – she would NOT have looked like this)

The torso was matched by police surgeon Thomas Bondmeaning to dwell, but an alternative is from “bindan”, meaning to bind) to a right arm and shoulder that had previously been discovered on the muddy shore of the River Thames in Pimlico on 11 September.

Newspapers suggested a tie to Jack the Ripper’s killings of prostitutes that were occurring simultaneously, but the Metropolitan Police said there was no connection.

The uterus had been removed from the body (As we shall see in next post there’s a strong push toward male-only creation origins). The right arm had been severed by someone with knowledge of human anatomy, had been tourniqueted to stem blood flow, and was removed post-mortem.

Pieces of newspaper found with the remains were from the Echo (from Greek echo, … a mountain nymph who pined away for love of Narcissus until nothing was left of her but her voice. An echo is also a detail that … makes you remember something else) of 24 August

Yesterday evening while taking a break from writing I was drawn to a book I got from the library a few weeks ago.


Even though I was only looking at the images to see if they sparked any thoughts, I was drawn to reading some of the text about the Aztec civilisation. I must add here that I have been re-reading Matt Delooze’s books & somehow they always manage to tie in. All this work is about grasping the power of symbolism upon our subconscious minds & how this has been used to control us, & this world, for millenia.

Anyway this is what I found:

“… it became evident that the Main Pyramid, like many others of ancient Mexico, had grown in a series of layers  – the basic design never varied  – only the size of the building increased, …

stairway to heaven

… with each new layer covering an earlier structure. Each was found to have numerous caches of offerings containing sculptures, ritual objects, and animal remains from the sea, land & sky. All these revealed that the pyramid functioned as an image of the world rising from the primordial sea.

Here is the constant re-creation of the origin/ benben story. Interesting to see how the pyramid was used to mimic the layers of the world from the beginning. As one was destroyed …


… another was built over it.

Of course the question is : “Is this mimicking or does this create the blueprint that the world then has to follow?

Let’s look a bit closer at the
high weirdness of symbolism
& hopefully you will begin to grasp the necessity
of understanding that,
while symbolism means little to us,
it is …


… THE ‘force’
that is used against us.

Below is (one side of) the …


… coronation stone (aka the Stone of the Five Suns) of …


… Motecuhzoma (Montezuma), – a kind of JFK of the Aztec world (ie a sun god who would be sacrificed to build a ‘New World’). It commemorates the beginning of his reign as supreme Aztec ruler. His HQ was in…


… Tenochtitlan, the centre of the Aztec empire.

Please note the absolute pronouncements made on the coronation stone in the text below. They are an example of how symbolism works –

… the entire monument was a three-dimensional, hieroglyphic text“:

“The underside of the stone, facing the earth, was not meant to be seen … [the] heiroglyphic text may be read as follows: “From the sacred time of creation & successive ages to the present, the earth is affirmed as a sacred patrimony; it has been conquered in war, & on this year (1503) and day (June 4) Moctecuzhoma II is its heir.”

The narrative thus affirms a charter of divinely sanctioned inheritance by which the emperor claimed title to the world in a way that had been determined since the beginning of time. In this symbolic expression, the Aztec Empire was portrayed as an inevitable outcome of cosmic history

Now lets look at the centre of their (sacrificial) force:

“The most important and powerful structure in Tenochtitlan is the templo mayor”

“According to tradition, the Templo Mayor is located on the exact spot where the god…

grim reaper

… Huitzilopochtli gave the Mexica people his sign that they had reached the promised land: …

game plan

… an eagle on a nopal cactus with a snake in its mouth”

“The Templo Mayor (Spanish for “[the] Greater Temple”) was the main temple … [It was] dedicated simultaneously to two gods …

twin towers

Huitzilopochtli, god of war, and Tlaloc, god of rain and agriculture, each of which had a shrine at the top of the pyramid with separate staircases.

“Huitzilopochtli had magically sprung fully formed as a warrior from his mother, Coatlicue, the priestess of a shrine atop the hill Coateppetl; when his threatening sister, Coyolxauhqui, was about to slay her in a fit of jealousy …

deja view

Huitzilopochtli cut his sibling to pieces & rolled her down to the base of the hill. In memory of this violent triumph, … a relief sculpture of the …

cut up

dismembered Coyolxauhqui, was placed at the bottom of the stairs … and in commemoration of this mythic battle … the blood of victims poured down the high stairways symbolically fertilising the pyramid-mountain, a symbol of earth itself”

“The Coyolxauhqui stone was found directly at the base of the stairway leading up to Huitzilopochtli’s temple. On both sides of the stairway’s base were two large grinning serpent heads… This drama of …

 … sacrificial dismemberment was vividly repeated in some of the offerings found around the Coyolxauhqui stone in which the decapitated skulls of young women were placed. This suggestion is that there was a ritual reenactment of the myth at the dedication of the stone sometime in the latter part of the fifteenth century”

By the way snakes abounded symbolically …


… in that place

“The Sacred Precinct of the Templo Mayor was surrounded by a wall called the “coatepantli” (serpent wall).”

main pyramid

Plan of inside main temple – snakes alive!


More snakes on way to temple

When the Spanish arrived in 1519 they destroyed the Aztec empire in a few short years and set about maintaining the tradition of destruction & rebirth of … you guessed it, a new World Order:

“The Spaniards practically razed Tenochtitlan during the final siege of the conquest”

Cortés … decided to rebuild the Aztec site to erase all traces of the old order.
Although the Spanish preserved Tenochtitlan’s basic layout, they built Catholic churches

no difference

Hmmm … there’s something familiar

over the old Aztec temples and claimed the imperial palaces for themselves. Tenochtitlan was renamed “Mexico”

Here’s another symbolic aztec-type link to England:

“A tzompantli or skull rack is a type of wooden rack … used for the public display of human skulls, typically those of war captives or other sacrificial victims …


… It is a scaffold-like construction of poles on which heads and skulls were placed after holes had been made in them”

Francis Townley – “his head was dipped in pitch…


… and placed on a spike at Temple Bar

“… the British ritual of displaying traitors’ heads on pikes…

making a point
… during the 14th to 17th centuries. The heads were apparently dipped in tar as a preservative and mounted by the Keeper of the Heads as a warning to possible dissidents to the Crown. … a German visitor to London in 1598, reported in his diary that he had counted over 30 heads on the bridge.”

I would have preferred not to post these images on my blog but the syncs that pointed them out were strong & I think we need to see that there are many connections to this kind of stuff that are a lot closer to home than we might wish to realise.

I can’t help but wonder how many civilisations, like individuals, have been ‘played’ in this dirty game. They followed rules set down by someone/something else, did whatever evil work they were allotted, had glory for a while & then were turned into fertiliser for the next stage of the same old story.

And while I’m at it I’ll call out the Western post mortem system – this is nothing more than Aztec sacrifice made acceptable by being carried out on dead bodies. All CSI type entertainment programs are part & parcel of this ritual. It’s one step removed from watching an execution – yet another similarity the West has to the ‘barbaric’ Aztec world.

There’s a selfish greed & a lack of respect for life that shouts & screams from the stories in this post. All nwo scenarios seek only one thing – to perpetuate another cycle of what has been.

Do you object?


Sorry missed this out. On the day I wrote this article I needed a break so went to do a bit more of my latest jigsaw – a crossword puzzle.

I was immediately struck by 24 across:

“German-born fourth wife of Henry VIII”


When looking at the …


… death & dismemberment
of women in England,
Henry VIII …


Nice south American rug Henry!

… personified Huitzilopochtli with gusto .


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innate pillagers

Let’s take a bleary-eyed look
into the …


… murky, hazy, glazy past
of One-derland.

Never expect this work to be clear or easy.  If it gets easy, obvious & or you find yourself getting excited, you’re on an intoxicatingly wrong path.

This is a leave-taking process,
one-laborious-painful-heave after another,
out of a
stickymind-mush hell,
where way too often
any help given …


… has come from
the purveyors of the glue
that stuck it all together in the first place

On offer today are some articles that offer a reasonably cohesive & quite convincing backdrop to the history of this world.

Please don’t be put off by the Old Testament – when read alongside the other histories it makes a remarkably interesting (& horrible tale). Stories are very powerful…

“in Africa … instead of linear narrative, there is unrestrained and exuberant storytelling that skips back and forth in time and blends together past and present.

… The nomads who still inhabit the Kalahari Desert are said to tell one another stories on their daylong wanderings, during which they search for edible roots and animals to hunt. Often they have more than one story going at the same time. Sometimes they have three or four stories running in parallel. But before they return to the spot where they will spend the night, they manage either to intertwine the stories or split them apart for good, giving each its own ending”

Please note: The articles below also contain toxic ingredients (mind fuckery) – just like pretty ummm everything else, so don’t swallow – a simple hint is that ‘poison’ is often placed nearer to the end of stories, once the bait has been laid.

Just remember our aim today is to pan out for a wider picture & consider an interesting story told by many, many cultures. The information is subservient to the work that we must do individually to remove …


… the glue that we are caught up in. That why I’m posting it here before I write my main article.

These articles offer a …


backdrop to the world we grew up in. It’s nothing new, we just couldn’t see it, let alone consider it, before.

Intertwined with these articles, for me, are those I have read from Matt Delooze & his referencing of, what he calls the ‘Serpent Cult’.

ps: These ideas were not new to me, but I wanted to condense them into a clearer picture. Taken together they do a reasonable job. I printed them out & took them to work with me over a number of nights. I read & re-read, took notes & contemplated.

In a way it’s about stimulating your own sense & memories (or those of the ancestors you carry within you), not just filling up on info. We may have been on this road for eons. If so, I for one, am ready to turn back.

So are you ready to consider a past of reptilian angels, seducing (or raping) angels & giant cannibals? You spotted it in the title didn’t you?

Articles by Matt Delooze:



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will you or won’t you?

It’s time to get real & realise that
the other world that has
co-existed here (disastrously) for millenia
is currently seeking to come out of hiding


… ‘engage’ us.

We are then to move in together
in their place
in …

two worlds


Below is just one more of the worldwide ritualistic stag/hen parties slyly geared to celebrate our acceptance of this marriage proposal for a ‘New World” of One-derland based on peace, unity & love (but not as you know it).

If you were about to become a stranger in a strange land wouldn’t it be wise to learn the language & customs?

Are you willing to learn the covert language of the beast
for your own awareness & protection?

I am of the opinion that its more scary to hide from this stuff than to see it. Not only that, I also believe our bodies have a tremendous capacity to deal with this.  However to do that we have to let them tell us what they see & hear.

And they are seeing & hearing this stuff.

~  ~  ~


Some people I know went to see this ‘show’ & were thrilled by it – they will have cheered & applauded along with the rest of the crowd.

But just what
were they cheering on?

“Each year around 60,000 people from across New Zealand and around the world experience the magical world of WOW.


World of WearableArt Awards Show is New Zealand’s single largest theatrical production where incredible works of wearable art, created by designers from around the globe, are bought to life on stage.

This year, WOW invites you to journey into the unimaginable, a place of reflection, dreams and wonder as they celebrate their 30th anniversary show.

One thing is certain, you will be inspired and captivated by the extraordinary and for a moment you’ll… leave your world behind

How very ummm … tantalising?

So what proposals of a future together
did this love-fest offer?










In further decoding their language we find that this ritual was created by a hermaphrodite – both man & woman:

Dame Suzie Moncrieff DNZM (born Suzanne Elizabeth Dick) is … the founder of the World of Wearable Art show (WOW).


“Her prayers found favour with the gods: for, as they lay together, their bodies were united and from being two persons they became one. As when a gardener grafts a branch on to a tree, and sees the two unite as they grow, and come to maturity together, so when their limbs met in that clinging embrace the nymph and the boy were no longer two, but a single form, possessed of a dual nature, which could not be called male or female, but seemed to be at once both and neither.”

Ovid, Metamorphoses

A little from the man who knew too much:

“Jung says that the hermaphrodite “has become a symbol of the creative union of opposites, a ‘uniting symbol’ in the literal sense”.”

If you were in doubt about the significance of this symbolic hermaphrodite you need look no further than her being honoured twice by the queen of england.

“In the 1998 Queen’s Birthday Honours Moncrieff was appointed an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to the arts and tourism. She was promoted to Dame Companion of the same order, for services to the arts, in the 2012 New Year Honours”

This is just a snippet building up to the article I am currently working on. It should help you get a little more up to speed.




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