will you or won’t you?

It’s time to get real & realise that
the other world that has
co-existed here (disastrously) for millenia
is currently seeking to come out of hiding


… ‘engage’ us.

We are then to move in together
in their place
in …

two worlds


Below is just one more of the worldwide ritualistic stag/hen parties slyly geared to celebrate our acceptance of this marriage proposal for a ‘New World” of One-derland based on peace, unity & love (but not as you know it).

If you were about to become a stranger in a strange land wouldn’t it be wise to learn the language & customs?

Are you willing to learn the covert language of the beast
for your own awareness & protection?

I am of the opinion that its more scary to hide from this stuff than to see it. Not only that, I also believe our bodies have a tremendous capacity to deal with this.  However to do that we have to let them tell us what they see & hear.

And they are seeing & hearing this stuff.

~  ~  ~


Some people I know went to see this ‘show’ & were thrilled by it – they will have cheered & applauded along with the rest of the crowd.

But just what
were they cheering on?

“Each year around 60,000 people from across New Zealand and around the world experience the magical world of WOW.


World of WearableArt Awards Show is New Zealand’s single largest theatrical production where incredible works of wearable art, created by designers from around the globe, are bought to life on stage.

This year, WOW invites you to journey into the unimaginable, a place of reflection, dreams and wonder as they celebrate their 30th anniversary show.

One thing is certain, you will be inspired and captivated by the extraordinary and for a moment you’ll… leave your world behind

How very ummm … tantalising?

So what proposals of a future together
did this love-fest offer?










In further decoding their language we find that this ritual was created by a hermaphrodite – both man & woman:

Dame Suzie Moncrieff DNZM (born Suzanne Elizabeth Dick) is … the founder of the World of Wearable Art show (WOW).


“Her prayers found favour with the gods: for, as they lay together, their bodies were united and from being two persons they became one. As when a gardener grafts a branch on to a tree, and sees the two unite as they grow, and come to maturity together, so when their limbs met in that clinging embrace the nymph and the boy were no longer two, but a single form, possessed of a dual nature, which could not be called male or female, but seemed to be at once both and neither.”

Ovid, Metamorphoses

A little from the man who knew too much:

“Jung says that the hermaphrodite “has become a symbol of the creative union of opposites, a ‘uniting symbol’ in the literal sense”.”

If you were in doubt about the significance of this symbolic hermaphrodite you need look no further than her being honoured twice by the queen of england.

“In the 1998 Queen’s Birthday Honours Moncrieff was appointed an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to the arts and tourism. She was promoted to Dame Companion of the same order, for services to the arts, in the 2012 New Year Honours”

This is just a snippet building up to the article I am currently working on. It should help you get a little more up to speed.




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  1. Biggi replied:

    Thank you for sharing this. You always give us things to wonder about…


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