innate pillagers

Let’s take a bleary-eyed look
into the …


… murky, hazy, glazy past
of One-derland.

Never expect this work to be clear or easy.  If it gets easy, obvious & or you find yourself getting excited, you’re on an intoxicatingly wrong path.

This is a leave-taking process,
one-laborious-painful-heave after another,
out of a
stickymind-mush hell,
where way too often
any help given …


… has come from
the purveyors of the glue
that stuck it all together in the first place

On offer today are some articles that offer a reasonably cohesive & quite convincing backdrop to the history of this world.

Please don’t be put off by the Old Testament – when read alongside the other histories it makes a remarkably interesting (& horrible tale). Stories are very powerful…

“in Africa … instead of linear narrative, there is unrestrained and exuberant storytelling that skips back and forth in time and blends together past and present.

… The nomads who still inhabit the Kalahari Desert are said to tell one another stories on their daylong wanderings, during which they search for edible roots and animals to hunt. Often they have more than one story going at the same time. Sometimes they have three or four stories running in parallel. But before they return to the spot where they will spend the night, they manage either to intertwine the stories or split them apart for good, giving each its own ending”

Please note: The articles below also contain toxic ingredients (mind fuckery) – just like pretty ummm everything else, so don’t swallow – a simple hint is that ‘poison’ is often placed nearer to the end of stories, once the bait has been laid.

Just remember our aim today is to pan out for a wider picture & consider an interesting story told by many, many cultures. The information is subservient to the work that we must do individually to remove …


… the glue that we are caught up in. That why I’m posting it here before I write my main article.

These articles offer a …


backdrop to the world we grew up in. It’s nothing new, we just couldn’t see it, let alone consider it, before.

Intertwined with these articles, for me, are those I have read from Matt Delooze & his referencing of, what he calls the ‘Serpent Cult’.

ps: These ideas were not new to me, but I wanted to condense them into a clearer picture. Taken together they do a reasonable job. I printed them out & took them to work with me over a number of nights. I read & re-read, took notes & contemplated.

In a way it’s about stimulating your own sense & memories (or those of the ancestors you carry within you), not just filling up on info. We may have been on this road for eons. If so, I for one, am ready to turn back.

So are you ready to consider a past of reptilian angels, seducing (or raping) angels & giant cannibals? You spotted it in the title didn’t you?

Articles by Matt Delooze:



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