this is not the grail you are looking for

Unfortunately, the article I wanted to have published on the universal …


… day of deception (December 25) will not be finished. And as I’m going away for a bit I have to just let go … for a little.

However I have a small story that in a way is the article in its essence. A living example of the symbolic laws (I believe) we are living under.

This will probably sound corny, but come back here when I have finished, & you have read, the BIG article & you may say … hmmmm.

~  ~  ~

A few weeks ago I published a crazy little story


… about an apparently …

you cant be serious

… silly reaction I had
when I saw the sign above sign.

Yet for me it was as clear as if
the words
had openly said:


About a week after the above I was on my way home & needed to pick up something from the supermarket. As I pulled into the only available spot on the roadside, I noticed a large blue-green cup with a broken handle lying on the curb, (right by where my passenger door would be) …

not grail

A strange sight for this fairly upmarket area.

I was going to leave it but had the thought what if some kid kicks it at my car? So I picked it up & walked back towards a corner where I thought there was a bin. No luck. So I kept on walking & then eureka there was one straight ahead.


… It looked like this.

Because the whole thing was kind of surreal/strange I was more alert than usual. And I think that’s why I stopped & looked up before depositing the cup. Across the road & directly in front of me, as I bent over (bowed) with ‘holy grail/libation cup’ in my hand, was this:


From the very first time these ‘Z’ appeared in NZ,
I always seen …


… this.

Even more scary, my almost offering on that day …

snake cup

… was to the very snake (station) that had announced that a “NWO was coming soon”.

I really don’t know if it was a lesson, perhaps from my own subconscious, a test or a trick (or maybe it really was just a random event.)

Whatever it was on the day I did what I felt was right. I stopped, turned & walked on to the next bin.

Do you see how it can work?

Years ago I wrote about a statue called …

bowed down

… The Sacrifice, at the ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park, Sydney. It was constructed & placed in such a way, that for people to look at it, they had to ‘bow’ their head.


The thing is – things aren’t done here for ‘no reason’.

” Bowing (also called stooping) is the act of lowering the torso and head as a social gesture in direction to another person or symbol


… It is also used in religious contexts, as a form of worship or veneration… The depth of the bow was related to the difference in rank or degree of respect or gratitude … A nod of the head may be regarded as the minimal form of bow; forms of kneeling, genuflection, or prostration which involves the hands or whole body touching the ground, are the next levels of gesture”

Somehow bowing seems to be legal & binding in the symbolic language we use every day & are completely unaware of.

What I want on pass on to you is to start consider your actions from a symbolic point of view. Work to become conscious of what you are doing, because it’s possible that our actions may be feeding a system that enslaves all of us.

I have a theory based on ‘line of sight‘ which I hope to expand on sometime. The idea goes like this – pay attention to what is in your line of sight when you nod, bow your head or kneel down. You do these things all the time. For instance you bow when you look down at your phone, at an atm cash machine, or at the path as you walk. So just check what is in front of you & see if it is something you would be willing to give respect to. If not just turn and face something else.

I have also been using the phrase “objection” (just like they do in court), when I see something that is ‘wrong’. Either under my breath or out loud, when possible, I say



Maybe that seems weak or childish. But perhaps making up our own ways is more powerful than we realise. One things for sure fighting & protesting DON’T work.

Here’s a little snippet from Robert Fritz about the power of ‘making things up’.

“If not by revelation or discovery, then how do you derive the what in the question What do I want? … The answer to this question permeates all creative acts, from creating your life the way you want it to be to designing the latest technological advances in computer science.
Our educational tradition unfortunately has had the tendency to belittle the power & significance of this answer …
How do you create the what in “What do I want?”


Please do not miss the point. This is truly a remarkable insight into the deeper nature of the creative orientation

And although Robert is not into the conspiracy research the following can speak to those of us who are:

“But the fact is that Albert Einstein made up the theory of relativity, Marie Curie made up the theory of radiation, Thomas Edison made up the light bulb, Mary Cassatt made up the painting The Bath, Anton Werbern made up the Six Bagatelles for String Quartet, Emily Dickinson made up the poem “Because I could Not Stop for Death,” … & the founders of the nation made up the United States of America

And I made up this blog.

Size is irrelevant. Doesn’t matter whether is small or big or whether it makes sense to others.

How about starting to make things up?




December 25, 2018. Uncategorized.


  1. Mick replied:

    I would’ve kept the cup as it’s a useful item, plus it’s turquoise.
    Spirits don’t do hidden legal, that’s serpent shit. We come from a higher realm, much like the Gnostic response when challenged by Ialdabaoth, and can only be bound by it if we consent to the meaning and interpretation.
    Try this link:

    In computer programming language the number 42 (Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy/Meaning of Life) equals an Asterisk which is considered a Wild Card (Infinite Improbability Drive within the Heart of Gold) meaning that life is anything you want it to be.

    Yes, it’s all made up.

    The Sun is Yaldabaoth, 25% Helium (lion head) and 75% Hydrogen (serpent body) said to be 93 million miles from Earth (Crowley’s Aiwass number) and the centre and progenitor of the Solar system.

    Utter and complete bollocks.

    Have a good fabricatory xmas.


  2. Mick replied:

    Now, considering the Sun is sooo important:

    Have a great holiday


    • alex robinson replied:

      Great holiday had thanks Mick

      That link is ‘head-shaking’ material


      • Mick replied:

        I mean a frog for heaven’s sake! Of course, it makes one think of Delooze and his banging on about the Ogdoad. A lot of Dr Who is very gnostic, the Dr himself being a Thoth -like figure, though now it’s a woman (which is fair enough, but I think they’ve only done it to try tap into the girls age 10 to 13 market).

        Just under an hour and your year number changes, so Happy New Year! and all that.


      • alex robinson replied:

        Very Ogdoady – but obviously just a coincidence :)

        Am reminded of how many young girls went gaga over ‘Frozen’ as well – just didn’t get that at all


  3. Mick replied:

    Just something nice for the New Year, from J R R Tolkien:

    “The Road goes ever on and on
    Down from the door where it began.
    Now far ahead the Road has gone,
    And I must follow, if I can,
    Pursuing it with eager feet,
    Until it joins some larger way
    Where many paths and errands meet.
    And whither then? I cannot say.”

    “Still round the corner there may wait
    A new road or a secret gate,
    And though I oft have passed them by,
    A day will come at last when I
    Shall take the hidden paths that run
    West of the Moon, East of the Sun.”


    • alex robinson replied:

      Lovely thanks Mick. Have walked many paths in the last week so can appreciate that all the more.


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