more bloody aztecs in England

Once again I am going to post a little from my big article because all the info that keeps bubbling to the surface is slowing me down & getting annoying.

Honestly how many insights can one person handle?

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briefly about 8

  • “… evolution and passage to a new level of existence”
  • “symbol of the incarnation in the matter which becomes itself creative and autonomous, governing its own laws”
  • “a symbol of infinity and a constant flow of energy and power … often related to material wealth”


  • “It takes eight minutes for the sun’s light to reach the earth (or so we are told)”
  • “There were eight gates surrounding the ancient city of Babylon in Mesopotamia. The eighth gate was named the Gate of Ishtar … Queen of the Earth and Heaven. She was the morning and evening star”
  • “The Ogdoad (eightfold) were the primeval forces of chaos in Egyptian mythology”

I don’t know if the following is true, but it’s interesting:

eight left

Let’s move on.

The year 1888 is famously known as being particularly deadly to the female of the (human) species.


Less well known are the dismemberment murders of four women – known as the Thames Torso Murders 1887 – 89.

“While Jack the Ripper’s knife tore the social fabric of Victorian London to shreds another murder series played out, seemingly unnoticed, in the background …  Although the Thames murders covered a longer time period and were more gruesome compared to the Ripper’s work, they [became] only a footnote in the chronicles of criminal history”

“… London in 1888. The dismembered remains of a woman were discovered at three different sites in the centre of the city, including the future site of Scotland Yard, the police’s headquarters


Now the title of this murder – ‘The Whitehall Mystery’ – symbolically linked it to … the Aztec British Government.


These gruesome acts mirrored the Aztec religion:

Huitzilopochtli cut his sibling [Coyolxauhqui] to pieces & rolled her down to the base of the hill. In memory of this violent triumph, … a relief sculpture of the …

cut up
… dismembered Coyolxauhqui, was placed at the bottom of the stairs …”

This striking similarity suggests looking at
Jack the Ripper’s victims …


… from a different angle:

“… and in commemoration of this mythic battle …


… the blood of victims poured down the high stairways symbolically fertilising the pyramid-mountain, a symbol of earth itself … This suggestion is that there was a ritual reenactment of the myth


“Were the ‘Rippers’ victims a ritual to commemorate & fertilize the main ritual – which was the lesser known dismembered corpses.”

Btw what do you see in this ‘memorial’ to the women of WWII located …

dismembered women

… in Whitehall?

We can’t leave this topic without introducing Amun (He who hides his name) & his priestly cult, because their fingers can be found in so many pies:

“Amun (also Amon, Ammon, Amen) is the ancient Egyptian god of the sun and air. … His name means “the hidden one,” “invisible,” “mysterious of form,” and unlike most other Egyptian gods, he was considered Lord of All who encompassed every aspect of creation … he was hailed as “The Self-created One” and “King of the Gods” … In Amun, the most important aspects of both Ra and Atum were combined to establish an all-encompassing deity whose aspects were literally every facet of creation.”

“It was believed that he could …


… regenerate himself by becoming a snake and shedding his skin

“The ancient theology made Amun-Re the physical father of the king. Hence, the Pharaoh and Amun-Re enjoyed a symbiotic relationship … In theory, Amun-Re could even take the form of the king in order to impregnate the chief royal wife with the successor to the throne … according to official state theology during the New Kingdom, Egypt was actually ruled by Amun-Re through the pharaohs

“… the cult of Amun-Re became so powerful that … at one point, priests of the deity actually came to rule Egypt during the 21st Dynasty”

And then

“God Amun is descripted as “king of gods” on White chapel of Pharaoh Senusret I in Karnak. He gained the importance thanks to merging with the ancient Heliopolis’ sun god Ra and became the deity Amun-Ra.

Whoa back up! And not because of the grammar.

“God Amun is descripted as “king of gods” …


… on White chapel

“The best architectural structure of Senusret I …


… was the White Chapel … built to commemorate the first anniversary of the Sed Festival in honor of the 30th year of the King Sienusret I reign.

… In 1927, the dismantled pieces were found inside the Third Pylon of the main temple … These pieces were then assembled into the building …


… that is seen today in the Karnak Open Air Museum”

“Its columns hold reliefs …

… which are hardly seen elsewhere at Karnak, and depicts Pharaoh Senusret being crowned and embraced by Amun, Horus, Min and Ptah”

The embracing is of such a kind, that the word ‘brotherhood’ at the very least, springs
to mind. And I’m forced to wonder in the image below,
just exactly
what …


… the master of the White Chapel is holding? And why? Especially considering the dismemberment scene on the table before him.

“The White Chapel of pharaoh Senusret I, also referred to as the Jubilee Chapel of Senusret I

How interesting to find that this is a jubilee celebration chapel. Again, according to Matt Delooze, jubilee celebrations are a required act undertaken by ‘rulers’ to prove they are still capable & worthy of ruling over us.  The people’s role during a jubilee knees up is to flag wave, cheer & accept.

A quick aside: “Novelist and social commentator Walter Besant (his wife shows up later in the article) proposed


… a People’s Palace (cough splutter) … Five acres of land were secured on the Mile End Road (which connects directly to Whitechapel Rd), and the Queen’s Hall (what’s that doing in a ‘people’s palace’?) was opened by Queen Victoria on 14 May 1887

This was a month before her Golden Jubilee celebration & coincided with the first of the Thames Torso Murders:

“… in May of 1887, in the Thames River Valley village of Rainham…  workers pulled from the river a bundle containing the torso of a female. Throughout May and June, numerous parts from the same body showed up in various parts of London – until a complete body, minus head and upper chest, was reconstructed”

So with this wider view of White Chapel, let’s begin looking at the priests of Amun or Huitzilopochtli (take your pick).

Introducing high priest Baxter (lawyer, translator, antiquarian and botanist), who autopsied the majority of the bodies of sacrificial victims of 1888.


“In the case of the late horrifying murders in Whitechapel, some persons have alleged that the Coroner’s Court exceeded its legal functions by making an unnecessarily exhaustive inquiry

Prior to the Coyolxauhqui dismembering re-enactments & fertilising rituals, another group of …


… women,
who were also coming apart at the seams,
were ignited into …


… lighting a symbolic beacon for the new world being ushered in, in 1888:

The London matchgirls’ strike of …


… 1888 was a famous industrial action by the women and teenage girls working at the Bryant and May Factory in Bow … [It was] precipitated by an article on their working conditions published on June 23 (equinox) by campaigning journalist Annie Besant” (whose husband proposed the People’s Palace) – [She was a] Fabian society member as well as future president of the Theosophical Society & legal guardian of Krishnamurti.

Although the Aztec calendar dates don’t “fit” with the info below, it is really worth noticing the similarities of ritual stories to gain a wider picture of the patterns at work here.

As I read the text below, I got flashes of end of year/Christmas ‘celebrations’, Jack the Ripper murders, the match girls’ strike’, the bombing of London in WWII & their blackouts, the queen’s jubilee beacon lightings, burning man ceremonies, & the Olympics just to name a few. You may well see other connections due to your own researchings:

“The Celebration of the New Fire ceremony.

During the last five days … of the last year of the cycle, the preparations for the ceremony began. These preparations involved abstinence from work, fasting, ritual cleansing, ritual bloodletting, destruction of old household items and observance of silence. It was believed that during these days the (their??) world was in grave danger because of the …

jumpinstability inherent in the shift from one cycle to another. It was feared that female stellar deities, the Tzitzimime, would descend and devour the earth.

At sunset … a procession of priests from the fire cult of Huehueteotl walked from the ceremonial center of Tenochtitlan … towards a mountain called Huixachtlan … On this extinct volcano was a temple platform. At this time all fires in the Aztec realm were put out and everyone looked toward the mountain’s summit. When the constellation called by the Aztecs …


… “the fire drill” (Orion’s belt) rose above the horizon, a man was sacrificed on the top of Huizachtlan and a fire drill was placed on his chest. When the first sparks of fire sprung from the fire drill, the New Calendar Round was declared begun and a huge bonfire was lit. From this bonfire torches were carried by runners to every ward of the city where the temple hearths would be lit”

“New Fire ceremonies were held throughout the Aztec sphere of influence and had a distinct importance at both the local level of each household and in the …


… larger political level of the state religion”


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  1. Mick replied:

    The women look hanged, though it is only clothes – essence taken, only shells left?

    888 is the number of Jesus

    66 is the number of the Qlippoth ( the shells) and excrement.

    Huitzilopochtli is also known as the Blue Tezcatlipoca.

    Amun self-created through masturbation.

    It is a shame Tracy Twyman’s writings are not now easily available (unless you pay): brotherhood, think Templars.

    Jubilee is a form of reset to default.

    Besant!? Whose sidekick was Intelligence agent Leadbeater, a noted paedophile (now then, now then). Krishnamurti was his catamite.

    These ‘lizards’ love to appear charitable on the surface.

    Tiamat is indeed feared by the solar conquerors – she strains at her chains.


    • Mick replied:

      Is there a prize for being first – a Finger of Fudge, maybe?


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hanged &/or dismembered – missing body parts. The male versions of WWII memorials have torsos intact.

      Amun & Atum’s stories are difficult to get straight – but if we just look at their stories developing to fit the generation being farmed then it makes more sense.

      Thanks for info Mick. Due to recent writings a finger of fudge would connect with 66 & not be advised. Perhaps a shot of whiskey?


      • Mick replied:

        I was being a touch facetious. A good Talisker, Storm or Skye, is much more preferable.

        There are so many legends of earth goddesses being dismembered by young sun gods – all relate to a central core story, perhaps.


      • alex robinson replied:

        They certainly seem to revolve round a core or perhaps they are all parts of a core. Got ideas on walk this morning…

        Not Caol Ila then? You do realise it’s finished in Portuguese Moscatel casks


      • Mick replied:

        Can’t get that in Thornton, the only other decent brand they have is Jura. It’s only a small village, and the fact they sell those is a godsend. Shouldn’t grumble, it’s better than not.


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