quantum questioning

This post is a small addition to last weeks large post on diamonds.

I was contemplating at work how I would condense…


… the whole topic
of diamonds.

My eye was caught by the machine lights in our factory.


Which led to the thought that diamonds are about rainbows …

“The most magnificent feature of a diamond is it’s brilliance—also known as the “sparkle.” … what sets diamonds apart from other gemstones. …twinkling star-like… the beauty of diamonds is reflected in the light that it captures

… & covenants (of the heart):


Abrahamic traditions see it (the rainbow) as a covenant with God not to destroy the world by means of floodwater. Whether as a bridge to the heavens, messenger, archer’s bow, or serpent, the rainbow has been pressed into symbolic service for millennia

Some time during the week I came across a book on Quantum Mechanics.

After receiving some mild teasing from ‘normal people’ about my recent diamond article, I was left with a feeling of frustration. But when I started reading the book on quantum maecanics (Beyond Weird) the ideas presented had a sense of familiarity & I had a sense that the work I’m doing here (& I’m not the only one) is somehow a form of quantum mechanics.

The quotes below may be useful in how you view your own research & questioning.

As a further part of this very loose & unproveable quantum idea, I’m including a few pics of things that showed up during this last week.

“… the equations aren’t why quantum mechanics is perceived to so hard. It’s the ideas. We just can’t get our heads round them. Neither could Richard Feynman … His failure, Feynman admitted, was to understand what the maths was saying …. what they said about the real world”

“the current best guesses  about … what real quantum theory might look like, if it existed … would unsettle most if not all we take for granted about the deep fabric of the world, which appears to be a far stranger & more challenging place than we had previously envisaged … a place where we are forced to rethink our ideas about what we mean by a physical world”


While being held up (not literally) in a shop yesterday, I wondered if there was something I was supoosed to see. I wandered to book shelf & found this – ‘The Truth about Diamonds‘ ( a novel), beside a pink heart.

“Quantum physics defies intuition … it is baffling & surprising, & right now we could say it remains cognitively impenetrable. But that doesn’t mean it is hard in the way that … learning Chinese is hard … we might better regard it as a beguiling, maddening, even amusing gauntlet thrown down to challenge the imagination. For that is what is indeed challenged”

“What has emerged most strongly … is not a theory about particles & waves, discreteness or uncertainty or fuzziness. It is a theory about information …”

“Quantum mechanics seems to be about what we can reasonably call a view of reality

“Even the term ‘quantum’ is something of a red herring, since the fact that the theory renders a description of the world granular & particulate … rather than continuous & fluid … If we were naming it today, we’d call it something else”

“the apparent oddness, the paradoxes & puzzles of quantum mechanics, are real. We cannot hope to understand how the world is made up unless we grapple with them”

This morning, there was a lack of seating at a local cafe so I had to choose a less than perfect table. As I sipped my coffee a woman directly in front opened the newspaper. As I don’t read them & so would never have seen this:

In the SUNday STAR
we see a PUBLIC “request”
for …


… Lucy’s help & a very interesting “Thou shall not Pass” sign. The not is in a faded colour & ‘not’ so easy to see.

It’s really important to keep asking questions rather than deciding you ‘know’ what something means. It also means seeing & acknowledging what you don’t want to see.

I could never do this work if I settled for answers. I write in a dramatic way with the intention of stretching out & upsetting your world view. Not to provide answers.

Never be sure that you ‘get’ what’s going on. That’s a killer


February 17, 2019. Uncategorized.


  1. Anonymous replied:

    Hmmm! Good catch. Yes the Quantum World is basically us taking these guys word for it, their thoughts that they pull in thru their liquid crystal brains. Enjoy your point of view. Cheers!


  2. Nobody replied:

    The movie Mortal Engines (star-ring Hugo Weaving) starts off with the introduction that The Ancients destroyed the world of Man in just 60 minutes with a Quantum Weapon called Medusa…just saying :)


  3. alex robinson replied:

    Anonymous & Nobody, I suggest 2% doubt (as always) & not taking things too literally, because you may miss what is being said.



  4. Mick replied:

    The dome above our 3D plane is diamond. Bifrost is the rainbow bridge that links here to the realm of the Aesir. It is the refraction of light at particular angles. Solidifying what should be fluid. It rains diamonds on Neptune, you know – according to Linda Rothschild.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Interesting ideas Mick


    • Mick replied:

      I am not going to push flat over globe earth as both are modern projects and both exist within their realities. History is utterly fake, and the only way to get any ‘truth’ is to individually connect with Nature. But I include this link as ‘of interest’:

      All is speculation, and to a degree belief is the enemy of knowledge, but both are easily manipulated.


      • alex robinson replied:

        Agreed Mick & thanks that was interesting.

        I read something which suggested that the stars were the external light showing thro cracks/holes. All ideas add to mix & help keep thinking flexible


  5. suliwebster replied:

    Hi Alex, been offline for sometime, a pleasure to revisit your blog and still find your writing inspiring, and some “abnormal people” at work.

    Just to throw something into the melting pot of ideas… to me the word “quantum” reads as cunt, derived from queen, quint, also count-try, counting quantity quintessential, quint essence. It’s all about the hole, holiness, being whole. The paradox is that the hole is defined by the matter that surrounds it, but the hole itself is a void, a nothingness. The hole is a passageway to another world, a sort of time machine. The Catholic CatHole Church worships it as its core principle. A core of nothingness.

    Diamonds are a girls best friend, as they say.
    And then there is Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi suliwebster

      Good to see you again & to know ‘abnormality’ is still embraced ‘fearlessly’ by some & thanks for your additions to the pot.


    • shimazu8 replied:

      Irony point, Suli, according to Tracy Twyman’s research into the Templar/witch rituals the appropriate cat hole would be the anus, also a portal often birthing a homunculus.


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