fallout virus

I live in New Zealand & last month an ‘event’ …


… occurred here, which probably most of you know about.

Unfortunately, acquiring that knowledge may have been detrimental to your health.

“Incubation is the time it needs for a virus to settle inside a body…


… PLUS the time that is needed for eggs … to hatch”

In this post I take the stance that media outlets are the incubators & spreaders of the snowballing world-wide ‘Sudden Atrocity Syndrome’ & suggest that the very real & intended victims of these ‘Mass‘ …


… sacrifices …


… are the congregation
who watch

The ones who get killed & maimed are the seriously unfortunate actors who step briefly into the…


… scorching limelight
of a much bigger stage.

The real goal is the highly contagious disease comprised of dread, fear & hopelessness that is unleashed in the …


  ensuing fallout.

Anyone lured into the media vicinity …


… of a Sudden Atrocity, especially within the first seven days of detonation will be infected to some degree.

The closer to the centre/time & location of the ‘blast’, the worse the effects of …


… radiation.

Symptoms include the inability to stop talking about the event & watching constant reruns plus an insatiable need for updates. Those infected will also experience an inexplicable sense of …


… connection to or ‘oneness with’ the ‘blast victims’, a little like Stockholm Syndrome.

The only known effective treatment is to disengage as quickly as possible from all further input & seek someone who can administer …


… a bloody good slap or kick up the arse – to dislodge the poison that has been ‘swallowed’. Such a person is hard to find & certainly worth their weight in gold. Send donations to tooshortofmoney@blahblah.com :)

Seriously though, every sacrificial, religious mass killing partaken in, surely dirties the soul.

What difference is there between watching televised footage of slaughter
versus …


… watching ritual sacrifice?


If there was no media coverage these barbarities would not exist.

The terrorist media is in the same business as Hollywood.

Both seek to  …


inflame & milk …

… human emotion.

There is a toxic & invisible commandment in the world that most can’t see.

It says that it is your duty to ‘keep up with the news’. To stay …

current events

abreast of ‘current events’.

Why is that?

What can you do for traumatized people a thousand miles away …


… except watch.

Now I am well aware that there are those that feed off this stuff. We are not all alike in this world. Imho there are different human-like ‘species’ here. There are those who would gleefully chow down on popcorn while sitting …


… or knitting
in the front row.

I don’t write for them. This work is for those currently being terrorised by the media.

Is it possible to NOT watch the news? Could there be something better?

I think there is.

I stopped paying attention about 15 years ago & have yet to be…

current events

… incinerated by lightning or caught off guard. If there’s something I need to know, I hear of it when I need it.

By choice I still know very little of what happened here in NZ.

On the day in question I was clued into ‘something media-big’ by neighbours having their radio turned up so loud it made its way into my bedroom. Being aware of how infectious this stuff can be, especially when ‘fresh, I shut my window.

Later that evening an infected person tried to engage in conversation about the horrific events. I agreed ‘it’ was awful & exited. Every time someone tried to talk about it, I would leave. I assiduously avoided all forms of media esp in the first week. Even after a month I am still clear of infection.

Right from the start I knew there would be plenty to see, should I choose to lift up rocks, but the closeness of the infection site made it unwise.

Nevertheless a few things have stood out without being sought.

Like the word ‘Noor’ (as in Koh-I-Noor diamond).


Noor means light. Here at toolonginthisplace we don’t revere the light or fear the dark. We ask questions.

A recent in-the-face headline in a supermarket newspaper stated that Prince William, heir to the throne, is coming half way across the world to NZ collect trauma revenue pay his respects:

“He will be visiting Christchurch on behalf of the Queen, to pay their respects to the victims of the mosques terrorist attack … Prince William visited New Zealand in 2011 following the Christchurch earthquakes

This charmed prince is ritually perfect for the role:

Prince William was born on the Summer Solstice or 21 June, 1982. Just one month later a horse sacrifice takes place in the outskirts of his Kensington Palace garden”

“Lets return to the idea that a sacrifice of horses took place to reign in the newborn sun-king-to-be, in 1982.

blown apart

This event happened a month minus a day after his birth & a few weeks before his christening on August 4, the date that lives in infamy as the opening to ‘The Great War’ in 1914.

… The thing is, eleven men & seven horses were slaughtered that day. It seems that the Hyde Park ritual was performed by remote control which means that someone close by, chose the moment, pushed the button & watched

Toolonginthisplace has a number of articles on the strange affinity of the royal family and death.

Anyway enough of this lest I will join the ranks of purveyors of fallout virus.

Here’s something to think about.

Prior to the NZ sacrifice, I was living according to my ‘health’ regime which requires abstinence from all ‘News’ sources. Yet it may be argued that I was presented with as much knowledge as was needed, on the day

A couple of months ago I was on an international Air NZ flight & noticed a strange choice in the movie selection:


What was a movie about a horrific mass murder on our shores doing here, when Air NZ & NZ tourism pride themselves on displaying all the wonders of clean, green, wholesome NZ to travellers?

Not long after that a book jumped out at the library.  Though not looking for anything remotely like it, I followed the urge to get it out.


So before this event took place, I was already reading a book (obviously with regulation 2% doubt) that included info on dealing with terrorist situations & had begun implementing some useful changes in basic awareness & safety.

On the day in question (15th March) I had a ‘random thought’ to look for a cartoon to send to some favourites to “Beware the Ides of March.”

All in all that was a reasonable amount of prior warning from non-traditional methods. Based on my proximity to the event (1000 km by road) this was more than adequate.

I will continue to work on strategies to improve my inner & outer security as well as to be there for those I care about. Whole new worlds of opportunity are opening up on this one & hopefully there will be another article before too long.

The main thing is you have to work with what you’ve got. You do not have to run out & get the book I read. That showed up in my life, at that time & was good enough.

If you reduce the terrorist attacks on your own nervous system …


… via the media & become attuned to your own life, you may well find that what you need at any given time, is close at hand.

One more thing.

This world isn’t fair & can be actively hostile. This may have a lot to do with balancing forces & returning to a status quo that we do not really understand.

It is super wise to be aware that anything can be good for a while but then become a threat. That’s why you have to stay switched ON & keep engaging with your awareness.

Edward de Bono gives a good example with salt – a little is good, actually quite a lot is good – but at some point it does becomes toxic.

Is salt at fault if you overdo it?

Always keep a look out for the point where good things may be turning toxic & stop or change direction. Don’t leave it too long or too late. This is an ongoing, never-ending responsibility for this life & most probably the next.

And its worth the effort.



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