fallout virus

I live in New Zealand & last month an ‘event’ …


… occurred here, which probably most of you know about.

Unfortunately, acquiring that knowledge may have been detrimental to your health.

“Incubation is the time it needs for a virus to settle inside a body…


… PLUS the time that is needed for eggs … to hatch”

In this post I take the stance that media outlets are the incubators & spreaders of the snowballing world-wide ‘Sudden Atrocity Syndrome’ & suggest that the very real & intended victims of these ‘Mass‘ …


… sacrifices …


… are the congregation
who watch

The ones who get killed & maimed are the seriously unfortunate actors who step briefly into the…


… scorching limelight
of a much bigger stage.

The real goal is the highly contagious disease comprised of dread, fear & hopelessness that is unleashed in the …


  ensuing fallout.

Anyone lured into the media vicinity …


… of a Sudden Atrocity, especially within the first seven days of detonation will be infected to some degree.

The closer to the centre/time & location of the ‘blast’, the worse the effects of …


… radiation.

Symptoms include the inability to stop talking about the event & watching constant reruns plus an insatiable need for updates. Those infected will also experience an inexplicable sense of …


… connection to or ‘oneness with’ the ‘blast victims’, a little like Stockholm Syndrome.

The only known effective treatment is to disengage as quickly as possible from all further input & seek someone who can administer …


… a bloody good slap or kick up the arse – to dislodge the poison that has been ‘swallowed’. Such a person is hard to find & certainly worth their weight in gold. Send donations to tooshortofmoney@blahblah.com :)

Seriously though, every sacrificial, religious mass killing partaken in, surely dirties the soul.

What difference is there between watching televised footage of slaughter
versus …


… watching ritual sacrifice?


If there was no media coverage these barbarities would not exist.

The terrorist media is in the same business as Hollywood.

Both seek to  …


inflame & milk …

… human emotion.

There is a toxic & invisible commandment in the world that most can’t see.

It says that it is your duty to ‘keep up with the news’. To stay …

current events

abreast of ‘current events’.

Why is that?

What can you do for traumatized people a thousand miles away …


… except watch.

Now I am well aware that there are those that feed off this stuff. We are not all alike in this world. Imho there are different human-like ‘species’ here. There are those who would gleefully chow down on popcorn while sitting …


… or knitting
in the front row.

I don’t write for them. This work is for those currently being terrorised by the media.

Is it possible to NOT watch the news? Could there be something better?

I think there is.

I stopped paying attention about 15 years ago & have yet to be…

current events

… incinerated by lightning or caught off guard. If there’s something I need to know, I hear of it when I need it.

By choice I still know very little of what happened here in NZ.

On the day in question I was clued into ‘something media-big’ by neighbours having their radio turned up so loud it made its way into my bedroom. Being aware of how infectious this stuff can be, especially when ‘fresh, I shut my window.

Later that evening an infected person tried to engage in conversation about the horrific events. I agreed ‘it’ was awful & exited. Every time someone tried to talk about it, I would leave. I assiduously avoided all forms of media esp in the first week. Even after a month I am still clear of infection.

Right from the start I knew there would be plenty to see, should I choose to lift up rocks, but the closeness of the infection site made it unwise.

Nevertheless a few things have stood out without being sought.

Like the word ‘Noor’ (as in Koh-I-Noor diamond).


Noor means light. Here at toolonginthisplace we don’t revere the light or fear the dark. We ask questions.

A recent in-the-face headline in a supermarket newspaper stated that Prince William, heir to the throne, is coming half way across the world to NZ collect trauma revenue pay his respects:

“He will be visiting Christchurch on behalf of the Queen, to pay their respects to the victims of the mosques terrorist attack … Prince William visited New Zealand in 2011 following the Christchurch earthquakes

This charmed prince is ritually perfect for the role:

Prince William was born on the Summer Solstice or 21 June, 1982. Just one month later a horse sacrifice takes place in the outskirts of his Kensington Palace garden”

“Lets return to the idea that a sacrifice of horses took place to reign in the newborn sun-king-to-be, in 1982.

blown apart

This event happened a month minus a day after his birth & a few weeks before his christening on August 4, the date that lives in infamy as the opening to ‘The Great War’ in 1914.

… The thing is, eleven men & seven horses were slaughtered that day. It seems that the Hyde Park ritual was performed by remote control which means that someone close by, chose the moment, pushed the button & watched

Toolonginthisplace has a number of articles on the strange affinity of the royal family and death.

Anyway enough of this lest I will join the ranks of purveyors of fallout virus.

Here’s something to think about.

Prior to the NZ sacrifice, I was living according to my ‘health’ regime which requires abstinence from all ‘News’ sources. Yet it may be argued that I was presented with as much knowledge as was needed, on the day

A couple of months ago I was on an international Air NZ flight & noticed a strange choice in the movie selection:


What was a movie about a horrific mass murder on our shores doing here, when Air NZ & NZ tourism pride themselves on displaying all the wonders of clean, green, wholesome NZ to travellers?

Not long after that a book jumped out at the library.  Though not looking for anything remotely like it, I followed the urge to get it out.


So before this event took place, I was already reading a book (obviously with regulation 2% doubt) that included info on dealing with terrorist situations & had begun implementing some useful changes in basic awareness & safety.

On the day in question (15th March) I had a ‘random thought’ to look for a cartoon to send to some favourites to “Beware the Ides of March.”

All in all that was a reasonable amount of prior warning from non-traditional methods. Based on my proximity to the event (1000 km by road) this was more than adequate.

I will continue to work on strategies to improve my inner & outer security as well as to be there for those I care about. Whole new worlds of opportunity are opening up on this one & hopefully there will be another article before too long.

The main thing is you have to work with what you’ve got. You do not have to run out & get the book I read. That showed up in my life, at that time & was good enough.

If you reduce the terrorist attacks on your own nervous system …


… via the media & become attuned to your own life, you may well find that what you need at any given time, is close at hand.

One more thing.

This world isn’t fair & can be actively hostile. This may have a lot to do with balancing forces & returning to a status quo that we do not really understand.

It is super wise to be aware that anything can be good for a while but then become a threat. That’s why you have to stay switched ON & keep engaging with your awareness.

Edward de Bono gives a good example with salt – a little is good, actually quite a lot is good – but at some point it does becomes toxic.

Is salt at fault if you overdo it?

Always keep a look out for the point where good things may be turning toxic & stop or change direction. Don’t leave it too long or too late. This is an ongoing, never-ending responsibility for this life & most probably the next.

And its worth the effort.



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  1. Mick replied:

    It is very likely no-one was killed http://mileswmathis.com/xchurch2.pdf
    Giordano Bruno stated that affecting the masses thru phantasy was more effective in controlling the mind. It is all the theatre of a sick play they find hilarious.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Mick. Helps explain why we’ve been so programmed to receive & prefer fantasy,


      • Mick replied:

        Some Bruno quotes:
        for Bruno the creation and
        manipulation of images focuses rather upon the ‘control’ of reality. The process begins with
        the imaginative faculty of phantasy exercised through a complex method of creation, and has
        repercussions in both the human and divine worlds through the bonds which organically
        interconnect all things from highest to lowest and which come together in a coincidence of opposites…
        The imagination (phantasia) is the mental faculty which communicates
        between the body and its corporeal sense and the soul with phantasms.
        Those who have the ability to create the correct images and sounds therefore
        have the ability to control the mental states of the recipient.
        What Bruno is suggesting is a process which bypasses the medium and creates, through the manipulation of images, a direct conduit to the soul.
        The art of bonding must always remain unknown to those being bound. Bruno envisioned
        this manipulation with bonds on a mass scale. Indeed “it is easier to manipulate several
        people than one only”
        Remarkably, the bonds themselves do not have to be real: “A real bond is not
        required, that is, a bond which is found in things. An apparent bond is enough, for the
        imagination of what is not true can truly bond … for fantasy [with an ‘f’] has its own type of
        truth. And further, “Fantasy and opinion bind more than reason, the former are stronger
        than the latter”


      • alex robinson replied:

        This kind of fits with some research I have been doing on psychopaths/sociopaths & how they operate, which is often on a very subtle level


  2. Suze replied:

    Hi Alex,

    I resonate with so much in this article. For most of my life I have seldom watched the news programms. I also do not watch violent or scary movies. When 911 happened, the tv stations in South Africa showed nothing but footage and reports on that for 3 days and it drew me in so much, that I couldn’t turn away. Now that I am living in Europe I do not have a tv, but having access to the internet at home, I started doing a lot of research on what is termed conspiracies. It was so fascinating and interesting going down all the rabbit holes, among that were those analysing terror events. My first remembered inkling that the world was not the way we were taught it was (besides my abusive childhood), was reading Margot Fonteyn’s autobiography as a teenager, wherein she describes how the CIA were involved in the overthrow of the government in Panama, so I was already aware and couldn’t get enough of the information. But somewhere along the way it became too much and started contributing to my depression and hopelessness. So I started weaning myself off slowly, looking at less and less websites and being more choosy. Now I’m focusing more on healing myself.

    Now I still occasionally look at 1 or 2 websites that do not post such in your face, daily fear porn. There is a place for that to make people become aware, but my being re-traumatised by watching traumatic news coverage over and over does not help myself, the people around me or the victims that are thousands of miles away.

    Thanks for another thought provoking article


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Suze, this is the kind of healthy attitude we all need.

      I think we needed to go into the stuff at the beginning, but many get stuck there. It’s definitely addictive & we don’t have the conscious capability to withstand the programming that its wrapped up in. Am pretty sure now our job is to step away from looking directly into the obsession, just keep a sideways glance on things & support the unconscious part of us that is actually suited to this task. I hope to have some more on this before too long.


  3. Dennis Igou replied:

    Affirmative. Looking into the abyss; The abyss looks back. This post is a reminder for all, to limit what you put in your brain. 87


  4. Biggi replied:

    Thank you, Alex.
    You are spot on and I knew you would write an excellent article about this disaster.


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