giving your brain a role (podcast)

Why you need to give your brain a job to do.

give me a job

Fascinating insights and more paradoxical tools
combined with plenty of laughs.


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bridges (podcast)

Join Michael & I
for a span of


47 minutes


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paradoxical tools (podcast)


Some tools for you
from us.



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the house of neglect (podcast)

The house of neglect is the place we live in when we refuse to have awareness of everything going on in life, as well as in our own lives.

We inherited this place from society and our families …

… without checking to see if we really wanted to live there. It’s a place that has no future because it is so crammed full of the past.

There seems to be a trend to have either awareness of the lies in this world or awareness of the needs of the self.

This podcast is the beginnings of looking at the freedom that comes
with choosing to have both.


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turning sex inside out (romantic surgery part ii)


A relaxing look at sex
from a revolutionary & radical viewpoint.

If you are afraid of change – please don’t listen


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